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Research is the Key ~ Sol Cayo Santa Maria ~ Questions

We’ve recently started some “Major Research” on the Sol CSM… so this thread will be utilized for all of our small and/or silly questions! What do the Boy Scouts say? Always be prepared!!! Definitely less disappointment that way… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just found these Webpages:


Can anyone verify if this list showing that “Room Service”, is current?
Can we expect that Room Service is still offered???
Gracias to any insights!
GG :wink:

Okay, so here’s a photo of the Mini-Fridge we found:


There looks to be a couple Tukolas, a few beers and a bottle of water. At Sol Cayo Largo, the regular rooms just had one bottle of Water per day.

Can someone please verify whether Sol CSM provides extras or not? We are used to buying and filling the minifridge at SCL, so don’t mind doing so at SCSM either ~ just would like to know up front  :slight_smile:


GG 8-)

I don’t think they stock the fridges at Sol. Maybe bottled water, don’t remember anything else. Repeat guests usually receive a bottle of rum and a nice note in the room on arrival, also a repeat guest dinner.