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Resort in Varadero

I am looking for a resort in Varadero that is not a multi-story hotel, we’d also prefer not a huge resort (room wise), we don’t mind doing the walking just prefer a little more personal. My husband and I prefer the 2 or 3 level resorts. We have been to Cayo Santa Maria and Trinidad and liked the resorts we stayed at there. We are not super fussy, just like a clean bed, bathroom and a good beach with a good bar, or two or three. Thanks for your help.

Most of the resorts in Varadero are multi-level buildings, but many also have 2 and 3-storey villas.

Bella Costa is a smaller resort with a 5-storey main hotel and a bunch of 2-storey villas. But I think the bars at Bella Costa shut down at 1:00 a.m. (buying a bottle of rum for your room will remedy this problem).

The Barcelo Solymar has bungalows if that interests you.

The Ibersostar Veradero has bungalo style and is pretty small, maybe 400 rooms ( It’s been a few years ago) Very nice resort

Cameleon Villas Jibacoa fits your requirement but it’s half way to Havana.
The rooms are all one one floor motels units (4 rooms to a unit).
It’s very quiet, has great swimming if you like to snorkel and lots of places to walk along the beach or outside of the resort.

Check out some of the reviews.

I would also have recommended Barcelo Solymar… it’s another resort with a multi-storey main hotel, but there are also villas closer to the beach and a couple of 2-storey motel-type buildings. I really liked it there (best food I’ve had in Cuba so far), but I think it’s one of the larger resorts. At least it’s larger than my previous suggestion.