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Resort Internet Information

OK guys, you requested it. I’ve started this thread and pinned it so you can post internet information for the various resorts in this area. Information should include hotel name, whether they have wired internet in rooms, wireless internet (in lobby or resort wide), or just an internet cafe. Rates would be an asset as well.

Iberostar Costa Dorada - No internet access in rooms. Small internet cafe just off main lobby. Four terminals. $5 US dollars for 30 minutes. You’re provided with a login ID # and password. We charged it to our room and you could carry over unused time to the next time you went on line. Sorry, not sure how laptops worked but there were many folks in the lobby using them.

Lifestyles Tropical Beach Resort on Cofressi:I stayed there 2 years ago so they may have updated it. The only internet access was in their internet cafe for a price, and I couldn’t even check my email it was so slow.

Grand Oasis Marien:I stayed there in February 2009 and used their internet cafe. No problem checking email or Facebook, but the instant messaging didn’t work with FB.

Sorry I don’t remember any prices.

edit: I’ve updated information for this resort. See post Feb 6, 2014

Riu Bachata has the same slow wireless and an internet room as the other resorts. When we were there the wireless was “iffy” and the internet manager let me hook up my laptop to the RJ45-wired system in his office.
Got the impression that they would have run an ethernet cable across the foyer to the other side of the resort if that would have made us happy.
Great service.
I’d expect the Merengue and Mambo to be similar.

Celusima Playa Dorada - according to email I received from this resort they have wireless available at a cost of $15.00 per day or $35.00 per week. could not determine if it was available in rooms or not but I doubt… just got back they have an Internet Room at prices listed above. they gave us wi-fi access for $20.00 per week. Signal was fair and was able to get limited service in our room.

Bahia Principe Rio San Juan: no internet access in the room. There is 2 computers (15minute limit) in the Golden Club house & I would assume the same in the Diamond Club house. There is an Internet Cafe on Principe Street & the price is $12/hour. You get a password & can carry over unused minutes to the next time, to a maximum of 5 days. After that if you need more time, then you pay again.

Gran Ventana - Puerto Plata

Right now, we are sitting in the lobby on our laptop… they have wifi in the lobby and lobby bar area… price is 200 RD for an hour. Speed is great… wish we could use in room but… better than nothing. They still have wired internet computers upstairs.

BlueBay - Puerto Plata

There’s free wi fi service in and in close proximity to the lobby. The signal is very good and dependable but perhaps not as strong as your signal at home. However, it is strong enough to support Skype.

There are two computers available at the reception desk at no charge to guests for 15 minutes a go. At certain times of the day there can be a line up so be prepared for a wait. Many guests bring their own laptops or ITouch(es?). There are a few areas in the lobby that have plugs the same as in Canada and the US.

There will be a change to the internet charges at BlueBay as of June 14, 2010.
Folks with their own devices can access wi fi from anywhere in the resort for $9 US for an hour or $15 US for a full day or $60 US per week.

There will be 4 computers at the entertainment stage that you can also pay to use; I’m not sure if the cost is the same as for wi fi use.

This information is subject to change.

Fun Royale / Tropicale (Puerto Plata / Playa Dorada)
No wifi.
Internet station in lobby area. Two stations.
$5 / half hour or $8 / hour.
Time doesn’t roll over.

This resort is currently closed.

Barcelo, Playa Dorada - next door to the Gran Ventana has wifi.

Their rates are:
One Time Use -
15 Min $4.00 US
30 Min $7.00 US
60 Min $12.00 US

Multiple Connections"
25 hours $25.00 US (valid for 6 days)
1 week $60.00 US

I was able to access their home page from the Gran Ventana lobby but, did not have paid password to access further.

I am told WIFI at Victoria. The internet room has no terminals. Did not bring anything with me to test it out.

As an add on to Ruth’s note for the Victoria, I did see someone poolside and they were using WIFI, they said it took a little time to set up but was working fine. I also spoke to reception as I do not posses a laptop and wondered what I was expected to do… at present go over to the Gran Ventana where they still have computors, in time they hope to have a couple of laptops that can be ‘borrowed’ presume deposit needed or similar.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

Riu Mambo Pop Feb 2010
3.00 usd 15 minutes
5.00 usd 30 minutes
8.00 usd 1 hour
time expires after 24 hours.
(if you sign up for RIU card they give you 1.5 hours for the price of 1 hour)

Laptop 15usd per day.
~6 terminals
speed seemed decent.

To add to djenning’s post, on our visit in February 2010, wireless internet was available free in the Mambo lobby. The connection was somewhat sporadic, but the price was right. The Mambo internet cafe was only open until 9 p.m.

I can confirm the above prices. It works well outside the internet office and activitiy centre area, in the pool bar and lobby areas. Nowhere close to the rooms.


Just stayed there for 3 nights. Internet was a nightmere …
They sell tickets for the internet about $5 half an hour BUT …
When in the lobby, sitting close to the shop, you can have FREE internet access through another router LOL called GParadise.

Good luck

The Piergiorgio hotel offers free wifi in the lobby. They also say in the rooms but the connection within the rooms do not work. In the lobby however, it is fast without any problem.

Stayed there form April 9 and 10 2010

Right now I am posting this from Hotel Villa Taina in Cabarete.
Free wifi at the beach bar and through a cable, FAST, on the room also for free.
You can get the cable itself at the reception, when you loose the cable you have to pay $15.

Riu Bachata as of January 2011

15 minutes - $3 US
30 minutes - $5 US
60 minutes - $8 US
If you have a Riu Club Class card, pay $8 for 60 minutes & get an additional 1/2 hr free. …to be used within 72 hours

Puerto Plata Village

This info no longer correct. See new post Jan 23, 2013.

The internet café is rented, and does not belong to the resort. For a small charge, guests can use their computers to check E-mails or follow up work away at home.

Wifi also, including perimeter of lobby, restaurants, pool. I suspect that if you had a room near the lobby that it would work there too.

The posted rates are
15 mins $3US
30 mins $4US
1 hour $8US
2 hours $10US

wifi 1 day $15US
wifi 1 week $35US

I had no equipment to test speed or reliability.

They are talking about improvements for their time share/vacation club people. They are starting that this week. I’ll post information as it comes available.