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Resort Internet Information

Pease, e-mail address for Puerto Plata Village Hotel. Hubby is there I am not. Woe is me. Thanks in advance. Not thinking straight right now, may be a better way, but I can not think of it. Hugs, Cat

Puerto Plata Village
Currently a commercial (not the hotel) operation and pretty expensive. I was just speaking to the manager and was told that they are coming in Friday to measure for antenna locations. The intent is to blanket the entire resort with wifi and make access included with your room rate. ;D

Riu Bachata, Puerto Plata
as of Dec 2012
Free Wifi in Lobby … very slow …90 mins/ day Max… Wifi is called Bachata Free …
username - Internet
Password - 1234

Paid Wifi across the Bachata Resort … FAST … Reliable. Wifi is called BACHATA PREMIUM
$10 -1 day
$20 -3 days
$40- 7 days
$50 - 10 days
Ticket with username and password obtained from Dispensing KIOSK beside front desk.

Ok folks. So I am just back from the Riu Bachata and can definitively say that you can stay well connected on the web thru their new BACHATA RESORT WIDE WIFI. You can still get free wifi in the lobby for 90 mins per day but it tends to be very slow.
Paid wifi on their Bachata Premium WIFI reaches every inch of the Bachata resort with very quick downloads and uploads and very good signal strength.
Now the cost. You pay at a ticket dispensing machine to the left of the front desk. $10 per day or $20 for 3 day or $50 for 10 days. I opted for the 7 day option for $40. UNLIMITED. BUT
The system remembers your IP address of each device so you cannot SHARE your username and password between devices.
Little price to pay for the week of Facebook posting and emailing to friends of your trip.
You go to settings to access the wifi and you are taken to a login screen where you enter a username an password that is given to you on a ticket dispensed by the machine.
Only problem I see is on occasion the signal will be dropped and you have to log back in with your username and password. So save the ticket that is printed out by the machine for you. Or copy and paste it from your device into the login screen when this happens.
Overall VERY HAPPY with this setup.
Awesome !!!

Great news! I was there in November 14-21 when the “towers & routers” were being installed around the resort, but unfortunately the connection wasn’t available before I left. But I found no problem with the connection in the Lobby.

Great job Riu !!

Puerto Plata Village
Currently free internet access via wifi in lobby area. Internet cafe (2 or 3 machines) also free. There is some leakage into the rooms and I can usually access the internet from my room. Today I had to go onto my balcony to access.

Lifestyle Tropical (Cofressi)

Paid resort wide in-room internet
15 mins $4US
30 mins $7US
60 mins $12US
25 hours $25US (good for 6 days)
7 days $60US

Free internet
Free internet, seemed pretty quick at VIP Beach (limited hours since beach isn’t open 24 hours
Free internet, also seemed pretty quick, outside Lifestyle Vacations Club offices (the helipad)
Free internet can be found elsewhere in the complex. I found an open node called Villas WiFi that I could access from the walkway in front of our room (building 3), but not inside the room. It was also pretty quick.
I assume there are other nodes elsewhere.

We have always just used the VIP beach free access and turned the puter off for the nights.