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Resort Internet Information

OK guys, you requested it. I’ve started this thread and pinned it so you can post internet information for the various resorts in this area. Information should include hotel name, whether they have wired internet in rooms, wireless internet (in lobby or resort wide), or just an internet cafe. Rates would be an asset as well.

From nsfamily
I stayed at Sirenis Tropical in 08 and they had free wireless in the lobby. You just had to get a code from the desk and you were on.

From nbguy
I was actually wondering that yesterday. Last year at Dreams PC we had wireless available in the rooms, didn’t try the lobby but I’m pretty sure it worked there. From what I found out yesterday Majestic Colonial is wired in the rooms, wireless in the lobby.

From Alf
If a master list is compiled…Palladium Resorts have free WiFi in all lobbies and “pay per use” stations in all lobbies and AFAIK free internet in the rooms at the Royal Suites.

Gran Bahia Principe - didn’t see hookup in rooms (didn’t look) but the Golden Club has two computers and you get 15 minutes per room per day. You are supposed to sign a sheet with your name and room number, but I actually only had to do that once. A Golden Club employeed has to log you on for your 15 minutes.

There is an internet cafe in the Pueblo area, common to the GPB Punta Cana/Bavaro/Ambar, and I think the rate was $10 for 30 minutes.

Iberostar Grand = Free in-room wifi and computers in the lobby area for your free use also

Iberostar Dominicana & Iberostar Punta Cana = many computers in the internet cafe
$5/30 minutes, $10/60 minutes and can be used whenever or given to another guest

Add to the Iberostar PC and DOM.: internet access in room for $12.95 for 24 hours.

NH Royal Beach

3 free computers in lobby

Pay wireless in rooms and pool area
$60 for 7 days unlimited
$25 for 25 hours over 6 days

Caribe Club/Tropical Princess

No free wifi, dial up available at internet cafe…slow
You can buy access to their network but must buy 7 days @$15 US per day unlimited (?) during business hours.

Strange setup…

managed to get on the Paradissus network (next door) once with a low signal strength.

Majestic Colonial (December 2008)

Pay wired internet in rooms - no wireless
$10 per 24 hours
obtained from front desk, tell them you want in room internet and they will give you a password that you enter
as soon as you enter the password, your 24 hour countdown begins

suggest bring own ethernet cable
cables they loan out are very short and would restrict you to sit @ desk
my own 12’ cable allowed me to surf from the couch

Gran Bahia Principe Ambar has free wifi in the lobby

Moon Palace…Free Wireless in Rooms. Not sure if it’s the whole resort or not.
Building 7A

Dreams Punta Cana has internet room and the cheapest is 6$ for 15 minutes. If you have your laptop it’s 25$ for 25 minutes or 60$ for 7 days. If you have the 25 minutes package you have to use it in 6 days and they have the wrong time on the ticket. I complained that I bought the package at 5.30pm and the ticket said 10.30am. They told me I would have internet use all day but they were very wrong. I bought two packages at 25$ each during our 14 day stay.

Natura Park Beach Eco Resort and Spa in Punta Cana has an internet access inside the rooms :slight_smile:

Is there free wireless in the lobby at the Majestic Elegance? can someone let me know


Free wireless in the lobby of each hotel.
Paid internet time on the computers available (15 minute tickets expire the same day and 1 hour tickets expire in 5 days).

[quote=@suefromns]Is there free wireless in the lobby at the Majestic Elegance? can someone let me know

Not free but only $3US per hour…


Grand Paridise Bavaro-Punta Cana : There is no internet access in the rooms, they have wi fi in the lobby and they also have a business center. The cost is US$8.00 for an hour, US$5.00 for ½ hour and US$3.00 for 15 minutes.

what are the internet services like at the Barcelo Punta Cana?

Barcelo Punta has wifi but it costs 49.00 per week. They also have a internet cafe where you can buy minutes and use their computers for $7 per 30 minutes…

What about the Barcelo Dominican Beach? Wifi cost? Computer lab? TIA!