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Resort map


Hi all, I just booked for the Decameron Salinitas in November.

Does anyone know where I could find a map of the resort?

How about an email address for the resort for room requests?



Hi - sorry I can’t help you with your question - but, we are booked for Nov. 30th - so we will anxiously await any information you post upon your return.

Have a great time!

Like us, I see you have been to other Decamerons. El Salvador will be our 6th Decameron!


Hurry up and get there so you can tell me how it is ;D
Thinking of going late January


Reh, we are doing two weeks there so we won’t be returning until the 30th.

By the way thanks for you’re earlier post about the price at Decameron, we had been thinking El Salvador or Honduras but when we saw you’re post with the 2 week price we looked at El Salvador big time!

We will post info if possible while in El Salvador if there is anything that jumps out at us as info you will need, let me know if there is something specific we can try to let you know about when down there. Not sure about internet access there though.