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Resort Maps

To see maps of resorts in the Dominican Republic, please go to:

If you have a resort map for a hotel that is not shown here, please e-mail it to:


The Debbie Team

One of our members canagirl5 found this link to Punta Cana maps. Gracias.
The maps are to scale.

Another Punta Cana map link. This one has phone numbers. Thanks baltobabe.

edit: Jan 01, 2015 This link doesn’t seem to function anymore.

All links functioned correctly as of June 26, 2010.

update: Jan 7, 2010.
The maps on Flikr are currently unavailable.

update: Jan 25, 2010
flikr maps have been moved to picasaweb.

update: Jan 01, 2015
links in reply 2 no longer seem to function. This may be temporary …