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Resort Theme Songs


Would anyone who has a resort theme song please e-mail a copy to me at Gregg.Andrews@GMail.com

Please include any info you have such as Resort Name, Song Title, Artist, etc.

If you have the info but not a copy of the song, please send me that info also.

Some examples are:

Riu Resorts - Riu Rhumba
Iberostar Resorts - Dale Palla



i have the song they play at Breezes POP but it would be a copyright infringment to post,as its performed by a artist but i could give the artist name and title if that allowed,



E-mail it to me, if you will.

I’m not going to sell them.

Your call.


Hey Gregg…

Just emailed you the Bahia Principe theme song…

It’s called "“Bienvenidos” and is by a singer from the Dominican Republic, “Angelito Villalona”.





hola gregg,

i sent you the club-songs from Sunscape Punta Cana Grand and Occidental Allegro Punta Cana

greetings from sunny germany :sunglasses:


Ncognito or Gregg

I am going to Bahia Principe Punta Cana in April. I would love to hear the theme song.

Can you send me a link??




Caribe Club Princess says theirs is "Mueve Mueve" and can play it from a link on their website!


I can’t get it to work, but maybe somebody else can. ::)Hope to learn it myself in person in 7 days! ;D


Hola Gregg. What a great idea. Can’t remember Breezes POP but would like to have it available if possible for our trip in Jan. /06 (unless we go with DDT whenever that is decided). Definitely get the mood happening (though it takes little being an addict and all)

Was in Cuba this Jan. and thought I saw something regarding DDT post/DR songs "Follow the Leader… Do you think there is a connection re:music for Cuba/DR, etc. Do you think (I do) that the style of music/artists finds it way to similar countries. JUst a minor question, if you can answer great, if not, no problema. Thanks in advance


At the RIU in Punta Cana we heard this song that stuck in our minds for moths when we got back. Finally after much searching it was a song by Enya, A beautiful Irish singer who we now collect all of her cds. At the Coral Caribe they sell their own cds Chocolat Friends which I believed cost us about $10US and all the profits went to a school in the area. The RIU in PC. was the Naiboa
In fact I think I have a small crush on Enya, by the way my wife knows and she said it was ok.