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Resort with nearby town?


Hello, I’m interested in a holiday in the D.R… I have never been there because I’m not a “All Inclusive” type. I like to see the towns of a country and meet the locals. My question is this, are there any resorts that are near a town? I wouldn’t mind a A.I. resort if I can be fairly close to a town to see the D.R. outside the “compound”. Thanx–Bix


Hi Bixpam, Let me recommend Casa Del Mar in LaRomana! A great resort with a really intimate feeling and from the beach you can walk into the fishing village of Bayahibe. A lot of the tours to Saona and Catalina Islands leave from that lovely little village!

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my reviews of casa del mar are here one debbies and a lot of conversaton on the South forum here also!



Breezes POP is located between Sousa and Cabarate, only 10 minutes to either, and the resort provides a free shuttle service to both places. It is also close enough to the city of Puerto Plata so you could easily go there also.


I can also recommend Casa Marina Reef or Beach, as soon as you step out of the resort you are in the heart of Sosua with a fantastic beach, shops and beach vendors.
The resort is also lovely, this was our first experience of all inclusive and we have never looked back!
We are heading off to Breezes POP next week so will be able to give more info on this one as well as they is a free shuttle bus to Sousa and Cabarette.


To further expand on Baltobabe’s comments, Casa del Mar is so special because the town of Bayahibe was there before the resort was. It is still a real community, growing with tourism and cantinas and dive shops and other tourist trappings, but it caters to more than just the people there for shopping. It’s a snapshot of a real town which doesn’t get seen by most of us at an AI. A lot of these little areas crop up to service the tourist but not so with Bayahibe. They only got electricity 10 years ago and many still live in an old style. It’s very quiet and picturesque (That is, until the Friday night disco starts hopping! Resort staff and locals and guests all mingling together.).


Sosua Bay Resort is an AI right in the heart of the town of Sosua. It’s a great little town for shopping, bar hopping or night life. The town of Sosua was there before any resorts were established in the Dominican Republic. So if your looking
for traditional Dominican Republic exposure, Sosua is a great place to visit. Sosua has many non-AI accomodations available also.