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Resorts for 18 Month old?

Hi Everyone,

I plan to travel in January-February with my Husband and son who will be 18 months old. We will also be with another couple and child(same age). We are preferably looking for a good resort for children at a reasonable cost and are hoping to find something with a separate bedroom (children won’t sleep otherwise). We were considering Tryp Peninsula, Oasis Brisas Caribe and Brisas Guardalacava ~ the reviews have been rather mixed on all. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I have a strange suggestion. At the Caracol the rooms all have a seperate room which they will put a single bed in it for you. The resort is only a three star but we find it quite friendly and they are GREAT with kids. The resort is also small enough that everytime you need to run back to your room it isnt a long walk!

I agree the caracol is a super place! Heading there soon! I would however like to comment on the slippery tiles by the pool. When we were there last year a few people had fallen when their feet were wet. And it wasn’t always alcohol related. Make sure you keep a pair of non-slip shoes on the little one!

Thanks, I will look into the Caracol and the Grand Playa Turquesa! We are looking for separate rooms for each family with a closed off bedroom ~ the kids won’t sleep if they are in the same room.


Please keep us posted on what you find, as we are looking to go with two young kids as well.

I am kind of leaning toward the Coyos as the beach/water is very calm and shallow.

Okay - still doing research on several resorts - I think the Caracol is not an option, there are some things that aren’t available that as a group we want (eg. my husband wants beer in our room daily for after our son goes to bed). Any input on the Sol Sirenas Coral - some of the reviews arent great but they have a baby club and rooms with separated bedrooms/living area. I just don’t know - when it comes down to it - I want warmth - exspacially since it’s snowing. Keep posting your info. Thanks Again!

I am considering the Sirenas La Salina as it has some great reviews, plus is a recommendation from a friend. Even though they do not have a baby club, it will be ok for us as we are likely traveling with parents and cousins, so there will be lots of adults to ‘share’. I will definately try to leave the 2.5 year old in the club house, as I’m told that there is a separate kids club and mini club area, so I’m not sure why the brosures all say 4-12 years old. If I do go here I’ll definately keep you posted if I learn more.

Ive been to La Salina and would not recommend it for anyone with kids. Im sure youve read that the resort is huge, with long walks between everything. That is true. While its no problem for anyone between 12-60, I can`t imagine dragging a toddler the half mile between the beach and buffet. There are plenty of small resorts in Cuba that are nice and compact, while offering all the amenities of the more spread-out resorts.

We just returned from Sirenis la Salina, and although a very large resort there were many guests with children under the age of 2, more than I have see on any of our previous vacation, and they seemed to get around just fine - the walk from the main lobby to beach is about 5-7 mintes for an adult, but they constantly have golf carts to take you where ever you need to go, I wouldn’t rule it out, it is a great resort. There is a “quiet” pool that would be perfect for your little ones, the watter starts off at less than ankle deep. The ocean too, in this area is very shallow - good for kids.

We are going away with 8 adults and 5 kids ages 5,3,3,2, 18 months in March 09 and are looking at Tryp Peninsula or the Breezes Bella Costa. The Tryp has really good reviews for kids but no discount, the Breezes also has good reviews and is smaller but is a little older but does have some nice villas. We have not decided yet but are thinking the breezes as the kids are half price…something to think about.

Since you are looking into the Gran playa Turquesa… take a look for the Allegro Gran Playa Turquesa… it is part of the same resort but sells way cheaper, offers two rooms communicating tru the bathroom and the Allegro is one one side of theresort… away from all the noise of the stage and main lobby which you might appreciate with toddlers. Do not get put off by the stairs issue… there are ways around them, a gulf cart taxi system and shortcuts. ids club is really good, even excellent. The beach is also very safe because there are not corals and the water is about knee deep for 1 km into the sea… no kidding!

There are also promos where the kids stay for free…

There is a zoo right next door to the resort, catamaran excursion / dolphin are available and if you wouldlike to help that area that got it by Ike you could bring stuff to father Eddy in Mellilla.

Hope this helps,

Still researching some information on many resorts - Any suggestions or thoughts on Tryp Cayo Coco - do they have suites with separate bedroom area???


I’ve now ruled out the Grand Playa Turquesa - It’s 60 minutes from the airport and who knows how long it will really be with other stops on the way! I seriously worried about the long plane ride (my child hates sitting still), looking for something preferably within 30 minutes from the airport.

2go2sun: have you looked into the Sol Pelicano in Cayo Largo? About 5 minutes from the airport, and there is a pool/playground/kids club in one spot, complete with adult loungers to make it easy for parents to keep an eye on the kids! The resort is also compact and therefore very practical for strollers or even for good walkers! And they do have family suites, your travel agent will have to make the request. There are also corner rooms with two sleeping areas, but they are not closed off.


There is no stop from the airport to the Gran Playa but you are right, it might take more than an hour since that area was badly hit by Ike.

We stayed at the Tryp Cayo Coco and the Blau Cayo Coco. The Tryp seemed better organized for kids, but we liked the layout and smaller range of the Blau better. They did have a kids club too.

If you look into Cayo Coco, there is a park (Baga if my memory serves me right) that is right on the Cayo, your are back at the resosrt around 1h30 so it is not too long of an outing and there is a reconstruction of a village, animal in natural enclosure (I know, I contradict myself… but it is not a zoo, you get quite close to the animals) and it is a cheap excursion.

There are not other excursion I would recommend with a toddler. Don’t bother going to Moron… it is a hour taxi drive and the city is interesting but a toodler in tow would cut down on the benefit.

Have a nice hollyday,

I have also to Sirenis La Salina and would not recommend it for anyone with little ones. It is huge and everything is so far apart if you forget something in the room or want to return to do a major diaper change, etc. it’s a hike. There are carts making the rounds but during the peak season they are often full of people .I wouldn’t want to negotiate all this with a toddler either carrying them and a stroller is only really convenient on the walkways. It is easily a kilometer between the beach and buffet. Also it can be quite windy at the beach. On the up side the rooms are large as are the balconies so there would be room for a crib/ playpen and you could sit out on the balcony as the baby went to sleep.

Ĥave you look into Hotel Villa Cuba and their Villas


Okay here are the resorts we have narrowed it down to - still lookinf for some more insight and info on all. In Cayo Coco we are looking at Tryp Cayo Coco, Sol Cayo Coco, NH Krystal Laguna, Blau Colonial & Oasis Playa Coco! In Veradero we are looking at Hotel Villa Cuba, Oasis Brisas Caribe, Sol Sirenas Coral, Barcelo Solymar, Sol Palmeras and Blau Veradero. They are all within 30 minutes from the airport! I have a book going to track prices what they offer and flight times, airline etc - between the two families we have to come to some sort of compromise and we will. Once I sit down with them I sure we will narrow it down a bit.

To Will: I have actually emailed the resort for the Hotel Villa Cuba - It’s my understanding that the villa(emprador) suites have separated bedroom - is this correct??? Also do you know if they are located close to one another (us big kids like to be able to take the baby monitors “next door” so that we may have e few drinks, etc).


I have not stayed in the Villas also I do not know the range of the baby monitors, I know there is a couple of people here that have stayed in the villas, there was a baby there when we stayed there in February and he had a riot the staff fell in love with him, you will be surprised how much free time you will have, they kept all the kids busy, at the same time as keeping the big kids busy ;D


Looking into Sol Pelicano - Were looking for 4 star or better but I see that they have a great children’s playground!! I’ll keep you all posted. Thanks Again!