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Resorts in Cuba only for Canadian tourusts!?

Traveling to Cuba I could see some resorts offered only to Italian tourists. Is there such resort in Cuba that is only offered to Canadian tourists?

Don’t believe so. We are welcome evvvvvvvvvrywhere :smiley:

To my knowledge, the Cameleon Villas Jibacoa is/was marketed exclusively by Nolitours for Canadians. Except for Cuban families being there once during our stay, I can’t say I ever met anyone other than Canadians at CVJ.

Way back in Dec. 2000, the Villa Tropico as it was called then was actually closed and seemed deserted. The following year it was again open and managed by Venta Club of Italy exclusively for Italians. When VentaClub pulled out, Nolitours took over- including some of the food stock which included Barilla brand pasta. We loved Barilla so much after tasting it at CVJ that I still buy it exclusively for our family.

Thats interesting…I have heard and read lots of good things about the CVJ and seen some great deals. But if I am not mistaken it is pretty secluded and not close to any other resorts or Varadero?

Yes, that’s one of the draw backs to CVJ (and Breezes Jibacoa next door). It is secluded! It’s about half way between Havana and Varadero so roughly one hour away from either. Lovely quiet, peaceful, countryside setting.

Draw for Jibacoa is the direct off the beach snorkeling. If that’s not your thing and you prefer off resort nightlife opportunities, then you should be staying in Varadero or Havana.

I know years ago when I was chatting with a very senior commercial sales person in Cuba and we were then discussing American tourists…the comment they made was that they could easily market certain resorts to certain charters that way the their words they could cater to the different requirements/preferences of the travellers.

My April trip was between Kawama (Barlovento) and CVJ. I only chose Kawama because I thought I’d be looooooonely at CVJ. People at Barlovento weren’t super friendly, so maybe I’d have been better off? I don’t like spending a lot of time on a bus getting to my hotel. It’d be worse leaving that much earlier for the airport too!

Someday I’ll try it with DH.