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Resorts in MoBay


Hi All,

We’ve been looking at Cuba, Dominican and Jamaica for our next trip. We loved the RIU Ocho Rios, however the one complaint was the 2 hour bus ride to and from the airport. When you have to be at the airport 3 hours ahead plus the 2 hour bus ride, we felt we lost a good half day of sunning :sunglasses:

What’s a comparable resort in MoBay? We love AI and would like to stay at the very least a 4 star resort with a good beach. Any ideas?



Most resorts in MoBay are on flight path into airport this should beconsidered.


Exactly what I was going to add, Mobay and air traffic is going to be a stiff complaint.

Otherwise there is Breezes Montego Bay, Sandals Montego Bay, Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort, Sunset Beach, those are all AI if that is what you are looking for. I don’t know if those are all 4 star though, and I don’t know what kind of budget you have.

Good luck, and if you don’t mind air traffic, then it is a good choice.

Deputy :sunglasses:


hmmm, I did look at a map of the resort area and realized what both of you have said. That air strip is mighty close!!! Maybe Negril would be that better choice! ::slight_smile:


Negril is a mighty bus ride too, but well worth it, because the area is OHHHH SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jamaica, once you go you know!



When I was at the Holiday Inn Sunspree 4 years ago we saw lots of planes coming and going but the noise wasn’t too bad. By no means was I kept awake by them or did it ruin any conversations.

Just thought I’d pass that on.


We very much enjoyed our stay at the Decameron Montego Beach Resort in MoBAY- June 2006. The resort is small, intimate and private even though it is close to downtown MoBay. The planes landing are only noticed as a curiosity and become part of each enjoyable day.
Would not hesitate to recommend this resort to anyone and will return.