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Resorts that offer a suite

which resorts offer a suite where our toddler can sleep in another room from us??? i know the sirenis tropical has suites but it’s not a pull out sofa bed in the other room…

The Caribe Club/Tropical Princess has family suites with 2 rooms & 2 bathrooms.

ahh yes that is right. thanks

We have oceanfront suites that you can upgrade to internally upon arrival at NH Real Arena.



and they are beautiful!!!

Is there a surcharge at NH Real Arena to do the internal upgrade? If so, how much?

Iberostar Punta Cana. :sunglasses:

iberostar p.c. has suites???

thanks about eden but i want to be able to book a suite ahead of time, not upon arrival… i hate not knowing and would be terrible disapointed if there was none available…

[quote=@lin7604]iberostar p.c. has suites???

thanks about eden but i want to be able to book a suite ahead of time, not upon arrival… i hate not knowing and would be terrible disapointed if there was none available…[/quote]
Yes, we’ve stayed in them a few times. However, based on your Eden comment, the IB wouldn’t be a good fit for you because it’s an upon arrival situation. Sorry. :-/

Does Iberostar Dominicana have suites as well? menandfamily I know you have replied to my thread about getting an upgrade. I thought only IB Bravaro had suites?? It’s just me and hubby but being upgraded is so nice.

Only 11 more days til we’re there. I think I need to start packing. Haven’t seen my warm weather clothes in several months.

How crowded are the resorts March 21-28? I was there Jan 07 and it was full but not so much that we couldn’t do what we wanted all the time.


The family suites at the Punta Cana have a separate bedroom with two 3/4 beds. The room also has its own closet, balcony or patio, and TV. You share a bathroom and safe.

If there’s only two of you, unless you don’t really like each other that much, a family suite really wouldn’t be what you’d want. :wink:

Nope, guess a family is suite is not what I want. :slight_smile:

The Bavaro cabana is more what I’m after. The one I got upgraded to with my daughter had 2 beds. I think hubby and I would be happier with a king size, otherwise I would have mentioned that suite #. It has an ocean view even if it is next to the gym and spa.

I won’t be disappointed if I get a regular Dominicana room. The resort is awesome. Maybe next time we will book the Bavaro.

All of the Iberostars are great – no such thing as a bad choice. :sunglasses:

We wouldn’t hesitate to book a repeat stay at any of their properties.

As far as crowds in late March, I don’t think you’ll find it very busy. We were told that the Iberostar was only at 75% occupancy during the week of Christmas. It was noticeably quieter. When we talked to our friends at the dive shop, there was very little pedestrian traffic on the walkway and that’s usually quite a busy area.

Enjoy your trip!

Thanks meandfamily. Can you tell I’m getting excited? I can’t wait. We arrived NYE 07/08 and the New Years celebrations were so impressive but we weren’t disappointed in the “regular” food and activites the rest of the week. I’m so happy we chose the DR for that trip and I can’t wait to get back.

too bad that they are based upon arrival :frowning: soo many resorts do that and i want to know what i’m getting before i go, especially with my light sleep 2 year old! we had a suite at teh palladium riviera this year and it was soo perfect , i need and want the same for our next trip!

Melia Caribe Tropical Royal Service has a separate bedroom suite. They are at least 750 sq feet. It was enough room for 2 adults and 2 sprawling teens.

ohh nice, i’ll keep that on my list… i have wanted to try that place for a few years now.