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Resorts with plenty of shade (palapas)

For the last 3 years I stayed at Holguin resorts because they have a lot of trees. Now we want a change we stay at the beach from after breakfast (9.30AM) to 5PM. Do you know resorts that do not have to play the towel game. Travel in low season June or November

Aside from the direct off the beach snorkeling, one of the reasons we returned annually to Jibacoa was because the natural vegetation on the beach afforded plenty of shade without the towel wars nonsense.

Two resorts at Jibacoa:- Cameleon Villas Jibacoa and Breezes Jibacoa. We’ve been to both resorts several times. Flights usually land in Varadero and the bus ride to Jibacoa is approx. 50 minutes.

We vacation at BJ also and after the last couple hurricanes, they built many new Palapalas - each a little smaller but with pegs on the trunk to hold beach bags, etc. It’s right in the “Resort Information Folder” in each room that states: Saving Palapalas or Loungers by placing towels or personal items on them is strictly prohibited". Our 1st week this February everyone pretty much complied. The 2nd week the loungers under the Cabanas by the pool were all saved by 7:00 a.m. as were many Palapalas. Some of these people did not show up 'till noon. I talked to Vivian about this and they are aware of what’s happening with some guests disregarding this ruling and I believe they will find a way to firmly address it. There is a lot of shade trees on the beach but there is no happy medium with them…you’re in the shade all day. Of course, with the Palapalas, you can adjust accordingly.

Iberostar Laguna Azul up on the end of the Varadero peninsula has many rows of palapas BUT… the beach chairs don’t have the cushions like the pool chairs do and can be uncomfortable at times.

Iberostar Playa Alameda, a couple of doors down has several rows of palapas --on either side of the beach bar ;D, with Pepe and Oreste there early each morning to set up your chairs on demand. Their beach chairs are mostly new blue ones with the thick burlap covering that are muy comfortable, and the backs go all the way down when comes time for some colada-laced siestas :sunglasses:

If shade is the absolute be all for you then I say to buy your own. There are things as simple as 4 thread together poles and a simple 6 x 8 light gauge tarp top[.
We bought a tent thing that has the whole front open and sets up in 2 minutes,about 50 bucks.
Any one else have other quick fixes ?

I have a tent when I go to South Carolina or Florida. That why I start the thread

I am not talking about a regular tent.
Sunshade by Rio is one.
Or a do-it-yourself is easily doable.
If that is a big enough issue with you about going to a place or not.

I found that Sol Sirenas Coral, Varadero & Iberostar Daiquiri. Cayo Coco both had plenty of shade and no towel games.

ShadeUSA and Rio shelters are good. We have the $30 shelter and it’s just 4Lbs. Leave the pegs at home because they are useless in the sand. Just scoop some sand onto the floor to weigh it down.

VCC, did you mark the trees that need attention first or do I start at my end and work my way to your part? ;)My wife says she swears there were skids on the overnight chair towels she saw at Sol. Any comment? ;D LOL…

Skids ??? never

Just a few slider marks.

NCAM rules !!