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Resource for Cuban Photography


Some useful info from the DPReview folks:


For those who desire more than returning with their version of those 10 Havana photos that everyone takes, I can recommend a photo tour guide.

Emily Sarzik, emilysarzik@nauta.cu 53 58080824 is someone I recommend specifically as a photo tour guide. She is not a regular Havana tour guide but a University of Havana student who speaks excellent English and does side work for photographers. Unlike most guides who will simply take you on their standard route, Emily will start off in discussion to determine your photo style and exactly what it is you want to photograph, be it ordinary Cuban people in their native environment, architecture, old cars, or whatever your photo niche is. I personally have spent about 100 days photographing in Havana and she knows all my places.

I will add that she is totally honest and ethical doing what is best for you not where she can return and get a commission.


Thank you, Bob. Are you comfortable in giving us a ballpark price for a day or half day?
I know that many might build a schedule over a few days while in Havana.
Does she have a car/driver and experience outside Havana?
Thanks again.


Emily is 40 CUC per day. I don’t know if it is worth while for her to skip classes at U Havana for a half day. One should ask her. BTW, there are cheaper guides but they make it up on commissions from taking you to the places that are easiest for them or pay them not where is best for you as Emily will. I know, I had a personal relationship for several years with a Havana tour guide.

She does have contacts with a number of the drivers for tourists around Havana and can help negotiate a good rate. Again, remember the guides secret commission trick so her personal integrity comes into play.

I think her expertise outside metro Havana is limited.

BTW, if you need a model to suddenly fill in a photo, she is strikingly good looking.