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Retire where its warm and affordable

I know it sounds nice, but I could not stand being away from my grandkids for that long at a stretch.

Thanks, Dave, for providing your knowledge to this interesting, and oft thought of by many northern dwellers, subject 8-).

Thanks for the great information Dave. I have put a sticky on this thread.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Great information and something I have defn thought about that I would like to look into more once retirement age gets closer.

Would defn go the way of lease or long term rental to start, until I was sure I had found the place that I would want to live long term.

Thanks for all the information vagabond and to the mods for making it a sticky so that when I’m old enough (haha) it’ll still be there for me to read.

Every year for the past decade I spend a week in Cuba at some small resort and dream that I’m practicing snow-birding one week at a time.

I’m interested in information pertaining to costs associated with being a snow bird in Cuba for 3 months a year. I don’t see myself and the missus leaving the beautiful Niagara region of Ontario for the spring to fall seasons but can certainly leave behind the winter.
Any suggested reading/links to answer my questions would be appreciated.

Are there any members who have seriously thought about extended retirement time in Cuba and what the speedbumps are? Are there business opportunities to mix with vacation plans?
Must be all this snow… Has me thinking … What if?

I spent a fair bit of time in the '90’s looking for retirement/second home possibilities. There are the super expensive islands to buy/build/stay and that leaves an assortment of islands and countries that come with other problems. Our short list of real possibilities goes like this:

Dominica. Probably the most gorgeous English speaking island that is affordable and undeveloped. The problem is that the gov’t at the time kept swinging back & forth and neither were stable & reliable enough to invest $$. The Chinese were investing and crime was a problem. Great if you want to live in a remote area and not need to earn an income. Few tourists and few investors for the same reasons. Many of the existing B&B’s were trying to sell & leave.

USVI. Loads of opportunities and you can find affordable lots & homes. Enormous number of tourists from cruise ships every day. Each island is unique but there is crime and getting green cards is not easy unless you have 1/4 million you want to plunk down for investment in the island for a business venture.

St. Lucia. Lots of potential with higher prices, some crime, low tourism. Limited number of decent beaches.

I did look at Belize, Roatan, Martinique, Nevis and more recently Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has a large number of homes available that are relatively cheap, some right on the ocean. After doing a lot of digging, crime kept coming up as a big problem for long term vacationers. Note that I was not looking for a condo/time share at all and that eliminated some areas where that was the only affordable way to go.

The other big factor is out of province health care costs and the lack of adequate health car facilities in many places. We’re headed to San Miguel Mexico in the fall which is a long time favourite of Americans for a year-round second home. I’ve been told that there are ‘tons’ of houses up for sale due to the drug war scare. Apparently the area has not been affected much at all but we shall see.

I just came across a new option for your retirement - Haiti. :o :o

Air Transat is now offering flights and AI packages from Montreal to Haiti. You’ll have to get behind me in the lineup. ::slight_smile:

News item here and I checked the AT site and yes, flights are listed.

Sure wish the country well. Haiti needs all the help it can get. And my relatives think I’m nuts going to Cuba & Mexico . . .wow.

Would defn check it out myself. Think it would be interesting and educational to take a trip here for something different.

I had checked when they first announced it and there were no flights or prices listed. Still no prices or times listed, just dates. And packages do not include lunches or drinks…not going to compete with those kinda options. They are already entering the game at a big disadvantage.

They are going to need to do some promotion’s and pricing I think to get some interest and travel going here with everything else that is out there!

I was sorta wondering how many flights would be going with more crew than paying passengers.
I actually did search Haiti a decade ago for properties and was shocked that DR was so much less expensive. Baffled.

Talk about a tough sell, eh?

Has anyone here researched Thailand as a place for an extended, (6month), vacation?