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HeY, EdinNb my husband just took early retirement in October and we are travelling to the EdenH in March09. PCMike wouldn’t know what hit him if we all showed up then for a retirement party!! Can you just imagine a bunch of Maritimers, mix that with sun,sand & drinks and we could really show them how to party!!

As long as we keep Jean and the Golden Girls at another resort… I don’t think I could keep up with them :slight_smile:

Now if I can convince my wife to take early retirement when she is eligible too… but she loves her job too much…

Our travel dates will either be March 12 or 19, to a resort yet to be named.


I took early retirement in May and my husband’s last day is Dec 24th. As a retirement gift to ourselves we are going to the Ocean Blue on March 29th for one week then to the Eden for our second week. We’re from PEI and would love to meet up with more newcomers to the retirement world. Look out PCMike, you gotta watch out for us ol’ retirees…

I will be wearing my armour and have my east coast dictionary close at hand…bring 'em on!!!



Well let me put it this way, we arrive on the 9th of March to the 16th,(there is 8 in our party) then EdinNB is planning a trip around the 12th or19th if he and his group go to NH,that would carry you into when Oceangal arrives there the 1st week in April. By that that time you will be glad to see us Maritimers gone and you can get back to a normal life at the resort.

normal life at the resort???
i assume for Mike such sounds as real as Nessie to the non-brits, ha ha