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Riu Bachata resort map

Does anyone have a map of this resort. My son is being married there in March and I would like to request a specific room/building. Any suggestions? Thanks

Riu Bachata map:

We usually request building 5 or 6 facing the Bay. We enjoy the sunsets and then the quiet at night. I have heard that some enjoy facing the pool so they have a lighted view at night.

Whatever it is , enjoy!

Thanks for the map and the suggestions. We prefer the view and quiet at night so Building 5 or 6 it is (I hope). You said “usually” so I’m assuming you’ve been more than once. That leads me to believe we made a good choice. Any other suggestions or info you care to send my way would be greatly appreciated. Thans again.

Right you are, drifter. We are heading back for our 6th visit.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

There are a number of rooms that face the Bay, so with any luck your request will be granted ;D

Hi zachsmom, can you elaborate on what you love aout this resort? I’d love to hear anything and everything. Thanks!

Hi all,
We are headed there for the first time 16-23 March and are interested in any new news. We’ve read all the reviews.
Anyone have an idea about the beach grill here?
Does anyone have an up-to-date map from a brochure?
What about the bus from the POP airport … does it really take 70 minutes to go 15 miles?
Thanks everyone.

Drifter, not sure if you have read my review from last year. It’s a bit long, but you will get an idea I hope of why we return. Generally we find the resort to be clean, staff pleasant, food good and the price reasonable.

Spunky, the map on this thread, no changes have been made since it was posted. The beach grill is an open air restaurant that has hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, pasta, soup, salad bar, dessert, fresh fruit and self serve ice cream. Always lots of selection for us. A few times during the week they have either a beach bar-b-que or an outdoor cooking demo at lunch time - right on the beach.

The bus from the airport - hmm depends on how many stops you make at other resorts dropping people off. Riu Bachata is the last stop from the airport, so if the traffic is heavy, and if you have lots of stops, it can take a while. I think the longest for us has been about an hour. Last year, the entire bus was filled with just Riu Bachata guests, so the trip was about 35 - 40 minutes. (if my memory serves me, this includes the time you wait for everyone to get on the bus at the airport - which can take a while!)

An alternative is to book a private cab ahead of time and have them waiting for you at the airport. Have a wonderful trip! Any more ? just ask.