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Riu Bachata


Ok, just returned this week from the best vacation have ever had. Stayed at the Riu Bachata, and thought the resort was beautiful. Have a real typical woman question to ask of anyone thats been there. Does anyone know the name of the Customer Service Guy, caucasion, moustache, and may I add quite hot for an older guy lol. Thanks in advance everyone.l


Glad you had a wonderful time. Now, that great guy would be the one, the only, Friedrich (Freddie) Stieb…General Manager/Customer Service.
That gentleman is on the go from the time he gets up in the morning until the time he leaves the resort. I never saw him sit down for a minute…I swear he has invisible rollers in his shoes, as he is every where on that resort. And it shows! The resort is very well run with him at the helm.


Yes, it must be Friedrick. He does a great job and has sat with us and visited - very pleasant man.


omg, thanks ever so much, for the quick responses. makes my heart a flutter lol


theboothlady…Friedrich is an excellent manager & will bend over backwards to make this right for your stay.
Here’s our story…We went back to the Bachata in November 2012 for 1 week. On the 2nd evening, I left a message for him at the Front Desk, asking if “diabetic friendly” dessert(s) could be included on the dessert bar. We know that many senior travelers have that problem & nothing except fruit was there. Freddie found us the next day & said that he’d see if he could work something out with the Food Manager. Long story short…they couldn’t put anything at this time on the dessert bar, BUT for the remainder of our time there (5days), there would be a special diabetic dessert made especially for hubby. Oh my gosh…but those desserts were soooo good ! It was kind of comical to see the expressions on the faces of those around us at dessert time, when this special dessert would be brought out by either the Food Manager or the Maitre 'd each evening ! :slight_smile: But you know, that extra special effort just made our week !!


That is exactly why the Bachata is the way it is. All the staff are awesome, but that was certainly going above and beyond for customer service. Thats a great story.