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Riu Bambu

Just booked the Riu Bambu for two weeks in December. Have been reading some reviews on TA, and some are not very positive. We stayed at the Bambu a few years ago, and had no problems with the Food. Has things changed or is it primarily the same? Also, with the reno rooms, any suggestions as to where the newer rooms are? Which section.

Hi, Hubby and I were at the Riu in January. Had a great time. We’ve been to Punta Cana many times and have tried a couple of different resorts, but always end up going back to the Riu. Upgrades and additions are very nice. Besides the original pool there is a smaller, quieter pool behind the stage. A new addition to the eateries is the Asian. Buffet style but very good food. When people complain about the food, I say you can always find something to eat at the buffet. Their bread and pastas are always good. As for the rooms, we stayed in the new part, the deluxe rooms right in front of the tennis courts. Its a bit of a walk, but not too far. Wifi is included, otherwise you have to be in the lobby to get a connection. Its a large room, with all the usual amenities. The shower stall is so large, you could have four people in there and still have room to bathe. For the shy person, there is a place inside the shower to towel off and get dressed. There is also a sports bar, just to the right of the stage. Nice place to have a quiet cup of coffee or drink. There is never more than 2 other people in there, unless there is a special game on. Hope this helps. I’m sure you’ll have a good time