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Riu Mambo - Adjoining Rooms?

We are traveling with our teenagers, and need a resort with adjoining rooms. Does anyone know if they are readily available at Riu Mambo?

Cant speak for all the buildings, but we were in the 2400 block. and I know the downstairs units did have adjoining rooms. We were in one of the upstairs rooms, but visited with the person below us, and I know there was a door to the next room ( locked of course ).

I will see if I can find the contact email we used when we stayed there this past january… if I find it, will send it to you…either way, will let you know.

This is the contact we used to book our rooms before we left…

They answered us pretty quickly too if I remember correctly…


That will get you to the assistant manager’s email…and she is very nice and very accommodating. We even got champagne for Pauline’s birthday, and it was the good stuff too, yum yum…

Hope this helps…


Thank you very much for your response. If we do decide on Riu Mambo, I may have more questions in the coming weeks. Thanks again!

If you want to see pics… you can get them off my site, just go to the vacations pics page on the menu page