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Riu Mambo Special Standard Room

Has anyone ever booked a Special Standard Room at the Riu Mambo? The assistant manager has informed me that it is located farther to all facilities and do not have a nice view.
Does anyone have more information on these rooms ???

We were at the Riu Mambo for Xmas and had just a regular standard room…it was fine. Don’t know what a ‘special’ standard room would be ??? As far as I know the only other category of room is the suites (located in the buildings fronting the beach…and they are the same as a standard except have a separate sitting room also.
Maybe he is just trying to get you to book a suite (more $ for them??)
The Mambo is a small resort and the scenery is very beautiful…I would be happy with any view there :sunglasses: ;D

This is the answer from the Assistant Manager:
“The “special standard room” and a regular standard room are the same
kind of rooms. The only difference is that for the special standard room we have better rate, that means that those rooms are located farther to all the facilities and they do not have nice view”

The Sunquest price, including taxes, for a special standard is $785 and a regular standard is $1094.

In Feb. they tried to put us in one and it was at the rear of the property overlooking the maintenance shed and garbage area. No thank you, when I saw it were put into a standard room before we even unpacked.

Thanks, I don’t mind the walk to the facilities and overlooking the maintenance shed but I definitely don’t want to see and smell garbages. :smiley:

A few of the rooms away flrom the pool etc were broken into when we were there last June and items stolen.

We were in block 3 ground floor and had no trouble at all. Even our upstairs neighbours were quiet.

We stayed there in January and had the Special Standard room.Our first room was #509 and although our view wasn’t great,the room itself was very nice.We had problems with the washroom and asked to change rooms.Susy at the front desk was terrific.I looked at 4 different rooms and took #2009.It was 2nd floor and you could see the pool and pool restaurant.It overlooked the main walkway to the beach and lobby.

We’ve booked a Special Standard Room out of Halifax for April 30 . . . at $427 I couldn’t NOT book it! As long as we’re not in a broom closet, I’m sure we’ll be fine. ;D This will be our first DR trip, and I’m VERY excited. Honestly the price was the deciding factor . . . we normally go to Cuba. The positive reviews here regarding the Mambo made me feel very comfortable booking. Can’t wait!!! :smiley:

where did you get such a great deal??
I am jealous!

I couldn’t believe it either!!! It was on Redtag, Sunholidays & the Sunquest site the Thurs & Friday of Easter weekend. It wasn’t on long . . . maybe 12 hours altogether. This year was my first stab at waiting until close to our vacation date to book something . . . I’m a control freak/super-planner at heart. ::slight_smile:

Good for you!
I wish you an excellent vacation…
kinda fun to be spontaneous!
( and profitable)

Hi timetotravel
I hope you can give us more information on this “special standard room” when you come back. I wanted to book it but unfortunately, my husband could not get the time off for this trip so I guess we’ll watch for other good deals at the Rius for next time. Hope you have a nice vacation. :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the kind wishes! We’re really easy going vacationers, so I know things will be fabulous. After all . . . with no cell phones, laptops, emails, etc., how could it be BAD?!?! :slight_smile:

I will report back on the “special” room.

How true! :sunglasses:

Well we’re back from the Riu Mambo and I just have to say . . . if you ever see a fantastic deal for a Special Standard Room, go ahead and snatch it up!!! I know we will! ;D

We were on the 2nd floor of building 4 and absolutely loved it! We were very close to everything, but just far enough away for quiet in the afternoon if a nap was necessary. HA!

We had a fabulous week and hope to go back next year for two weeks. One week just wasn’t enough . . . and since THAT’S my greatest complaint, well, life is good. :sunglasses:

Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

How do you get in touch with the assistant manager? does anyone have a email address that they could give me? How long does it take for a response from them?


Here is the general email for the Mambo. By starting there, your message can be forwarded the the assistant manager.


We were at the Riu Mambo over Christmas and New Year.

2 weeks before we went I e-mailed and asked for a room with an ocean view upstairs --if not near reception and pool would be good. They e-mailed back said they would do their best bur couldnt promise.

We had an upstairs room with ocean view next to the pool bar.

I think room no 2116 or 2216 (Sorry cannot remember)

Good luck and happy holiday am sure wou will love it

Thanks So Much,
I emailed them but have not received a reply yet, how long does it take for them to respond usually? I know they have read the email 'cause I got a Read alert back when it was open…that was yesterday afternoon.