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Riu Merengue in POP


We are going to the Riu Merengue for a week on February 8-15th. I have been looking everyday for some kind of comments about this property but I never seem to see much about it. I would appreciate any comments and advice about this resort.


In one simple word…fabulous. The RIU staff really look after their guests. The grounds,pool(s) and food are all at the top of my list IMHO. Have a wonderful time there as I know you will :sunglasses:


I agree - the Riu resorts have a good reputation. I stayed at the Riu Bachata twice in 2004 and therefore spent some time at the Riu Merengue and Riu Mambo. I believe if you stay at one of the three resorts you can use the facilities at all of them (except with eating dinner? I believe you have to eat dinner at whatever resort you are staying at). Everything at the Riu’s is top-notch (food, entertainment, facilities, etc.). Have fun.


Thank you for your response. I can hardly wait to go. ;D


I have stayed at the Mambo before and we are heading back down there on the 10th of Feb. Is there anything in particular that you need to know Mitch1971? Glenn


You will enjoy the Riu Merengue & the Riu complex as a whole. We have stayed there twice; Nov '04 for 1wk & Jan’06 for 2wks.
Riu has it’s strong points. Being able to use the facilities of all 3 resorts while staying at 1 is a real bonus. The Merengue has lots going for it, & IMHO we found the rooms to be exceptional. There is a mini-bar in the room which holds water, beer & pop and a liquor bar is available in the room also. The safe is in the closet at no extra cost. The food available in the buffet restaurant and in the pool side restaurant was excellent. There is a wide variety to choose from if you are a picky eater. You can eat breakfast, lunch & snacks at any of the restaurants in the complex, but the evening meal must be eaten at your resort.
The beach : Mambo having the better, Merengue being mediocre & the Bachata not so good. Although, there is a sports beach at the Bachata which is much calmer & used widely for swimming too.
There is a gazebo/lookout up on the cliff at the Bachata…make an effort to walk up there for a most breath-taking view. The Bachata pool tends to be more of a party place due to the swim up bar, but that’s not to say that people don’t have a good time at the Merengue or the Mambo.
We found as we were there, that our venue for the day changed depending on how we felt. If we wanted to be quiet, then we went to the Mambo; if we wanted more excitement, then we went to the Bachata; and if we were mellow, then we stayed at the Merengue.
I hope that this has answered some of your questions. Have a great vacation


Glenn: I didn’t really want to know anything in particular. I guess I was just looking for reassurance that I had picked a good resort for us.
Thanks again for all your comments. I can’t wait now but it will be here before you know it.


Hi Michelle: My husband & I just returned from the Merengue 2 days ago. We spent 2 wks there. It was absolutely fabulous. I can hardly wait to book for next year. Just a little hint ( take face cloths with you, they are hard to come by in this resort)


Thanks for the tip about the face cloths. I use them all the time at home so I will remember to take some of my own. I am getting so excited!!! :sunglasses:


Just trying to lend a helping hand. Just in case you need somthing in particular. Just so you know, I emailed the Mambo today and recieved a email tonight. Talk about fast and efficent service. One can only hope that this type of service starts at the top and works it way down to the staff. Glenn