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RIU Ocho Rios


i’ve heard that the RIU uses instant coffee in the restaurants (from a machine). some one said we should be a coffee maker with us. at all other RIU’s we’ve been to we always got a big urn of coffee at the table.

is this true?


Hi, we were at RIU Ocho Rios last Feb. The coffee sure didn’t taste like instant. We also received urns of coffee at the table. One reason to bring a coffee maker with you would be to have some upon getting up. I usually ran down to the restaurant and borrowed a tray for coffee and cups and brought it up to our room. They had no problem with that. I’ts a beautiful resort. Have fun there, we did!


thanks…we love the RIU’s…have stayed in a few in DR, Mexico and Andalusia and have always had the urns of coffee and we do run down and get the urn in the morning and bring it back to the room before breakfast. a colleague just returned and mentioned the instant coffee to us (she just got back last week) so was a little surprised by her comment about instant coffee from a machine.