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Riu Palace Macao...Fire or not

Hi. I read on a tripadvisor review that the restaurant, hat is situated right on the beach, had a fire and is no longer there. Does anyone have any information on this fire??

We were at the Riu Taino from August 16-31. The fire occurred shortly before our arrival because the employees were still removing the burned remnants from the site.

Thanks “meandfamily” for your information. Okay so now I need to know if the restaurant is burnt to the ground and/or is the restaurant closed down temporarily???I know this restaurant is a favorite to those who go to the RIU in Punta Cana. I was so looking forward to this restaurant and its wonderful beachfront location. Any information on the restaurant would be great!!! :slight_smile:

The site was totally cleared when we were there – down to the bare sand.
Here’s a link to a discussion on this topic on riubambu.com:

Doesn’t surprise me. Being of wood construction, once a fire got a good start there would be nothing left. Too bad, the restaurant and the ambience were VERY nice. I hope they rebuild it exactly as it was.

It was a great place to go for lunch. It also was handy with the washrooms right there. Might be a bit of a walk now, either back up to the Macao or over to the Bambu. I hope they rebuild soon.