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River cruise for an elderly woman?

Hey everybody

I bit different question for this forum …

My 60 year old Aunt says she has always wanted to go on a river cruise. I am having trouble figuring out which is the best cruise line to go on. (They all say they are the best)

We are looking at cruises on the Danube since she would like to go to Prague, Vienna and Budapest, or perhaps the Rhine - basically any of the Europe cruises offered .
My aunt is a cultured, educated woman and good quality excursions would be very important.
Can anyone recommend a cruiseline that can really take care of all the details, the excursions, transfers etc that could accomodate someone like her, and also make it easier for me to help her go on this trip?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

I think you’re posting in the wrong place. This is a Dominican Republic forum and well removed from the Danube and river cruising. I’m not sure where you should be looking, but this one isn’t it. Best of luck.

Wrong forum but to answer the question we took the Viking Danube cruise (first time cruisers) last year and it was terrific. PM me if you want more information.


I thank you people for your answer :slight_smile: