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Road construction in Samana


???My travel agent called yesterday and advice us that there is construction on the roads and it’s going to take 1&1/2 hour to get to EL PROTILLO instead of 45 mins. I was wantering if anyone had more info on this…Thank You





nzee - I know that Sunquest is starting to tell passengers that the drive is longer as the buses aren’t able (or not willing?) to use the same mountainous road as the cars so the route they take adds time. Apparently the 45 minutes from El-Catey to Bahia Estela is now being told to take upto 2 hours based on the new routes.

From what I understand though if you take a taxi the time is still the lesser amount.


One would normally turn off in Sanchéz and reach Las Terrenas after about 15 miles on the scenic mountain road.
Many tour operators distribute their PAX at the Texaco gas station in S. onto smaller minibuses for that trip to their hotels on the northern beaches and only continue with the big busses to Samaná town.

If PAX for El Portillo or Bahia Estela remain on such a bus they’d be the last to reach their hotels after a tour of the peninsula… ::slight_smile: