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Road from Santiago to Sierra Mar/Los Galeones

Recently back from Santiago de Cuba and can report on the road from the airport to Sierrra Mar/Los Galeones:

-well, it has been graded, and some pot holes have been filled in (but unfortunately many have washed out again)and almost all the road wash-outs have been filled in

As for new asphalt, it is confined to the first 15 minutes to the west of Santiago, and on another 15 minute section section 15 minutes to the east of Sierra Mar.

Other than that, the road is still pretty bumpy. Don’t sit at the back of the shuttle bus unless you take a gravol or two beforehand.

Time from the airport to the entrance to Sierra Mar was 80 minutes. Add an additional 20 minute bumpy ride from Sierra mar to Los Galeones. The bridges over the rivers between Sierra Mar and LG have been repaired.

Overall, the road is in better shape but only about 1/3 of the road has been blacktopped.

I can report that rogers cell phones work at Los Galeones, so they should also work at Sierra Mar.

I didn’t get to Sierra Mar so I cannot comment on internet.

As for Los Galeones…there are still 296 steps down to and up from the beach! Sigh!

Thanks for the road update. We were hoping the whole road would have been black topped…wishful thinking I guess! We have quite a wait before our next visit…november 09 so hopefully they keep working on the road. Its funny though…as bad as the road is…you forget about it the first minute you get there!!!

Thanks for the report… we are off to there in the morning.