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Road to Pilon

Does anyone know if the road to Pilon/Marea del Portillo from Santiago is open. I biked and drove over this two years ago and it was almost impassable due to previous huricane damage. Also the bridge at Magdalena was damaged. Was the road damaged further or is it ok.

It has been impassable, but rarely impossible
September was iffy, but doable; last time I drove it was June

A Jeep is best over the rough bits west of Chivirico
Rental car sedan-types are too low, you’ll risk ripping out the undercarriage; on bike, you’d have to dismount to clear the stones/rocks

The bridge is still damaged; there is still the detour down the hill and across the river, but many drivers continue to grip the wheel, hold their breath and drive across

I consider this coast road the best drive in Cuba
Good luck; drive safely

It is very senic !!!