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Road to Sierra Mar & Los Galeones

I just received these pictures today and have permission to post them. It appears the road is being hard surfaced! It is not yet complete but they are working on it.

It looks promising judging from these shots.

Thats great! will make the trip to the hotel so much quicker and no more gravol! Thank you for the update.

Thank you Jeebus!

I had heard it was being fixed, but I thought it was being “Cuban-fixed” which is… Manana!!! Ok, that sounds mean - I don’t mean it to - but for the past three years we have been told it will be fixed “soon”. Like The Smiths asked, “How soon is now?” It’s NOW!! Yay!

I’ll be riding that road in under two weeks, and just seeing the little GUAMA sign in the distance made my heart sing.

eloisegilr, I am hapyy to see that you still are a BSM fan, even though you tasted the Mexican delights this year :slight_smile:

I am soooo envious eloisegirl! We have to wait until we get the ok from the doctor to go…I’d love to be there to see you on stage again…the magician never had such a great assistant!!! Have you packed your noodle?

There’s a story here. Details please.

Does the new pavement run all the way to BSM or just a little way out of Santiago? IN January there was a section of the road, 1 entire lane that had been washed out with a fair drop off.

Word I have from what should be a reliable source, is that the road is being worked on from SCU to Chivirico, not just SCU to Sierra Mar.

Oh, my Goodness!!! Just seeing those picture made me totally homesick… We had planned on going somewhere else next year but after seeing our “favorite” road again, we may just go back to BSM.
Eloisegirl, I am very jealous. Please say hi to everyone down there and keep us posted on how things are progressing there. We heard that the hotel will change owners in January and are wondering how things will change.

I will say hi to all the staff at BSM from their regulars. If any of you want to send a letter you can pm me - either send the letter in a PM and I will print it, or if you want to enclose photos or cash (I am pretty trustworthy - at least, my parole officer thinks so…) I can give you a mailing address. I am always happy to deliver mail to staff as long as it is nothing counterrevolutionary or otherwise dodgy. :wink:

Woo Hoo. I’ll be on that road too on November 27th. This resurfacing is awesome news.


So great to see the road being restored!