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Roatan Honduras....... Here We Come!


Well the long wait is finally over and Wossa and I are heading to Honduras on Friday Morning.

We fly out of Toronto at 6:00 a.m. and we just can’t wait to get there and do our first dive of many.

We are heading back to the “Henry Morgan” Resort again this year for 2 weeks of Scuba Diving and fun in the sun.

Once again we will be bringing Humanitarian Aid over for the Orphanage as well as medical supplies for the Doctor we met last year.

Upon our return Wossa will be submitting a review of the resort as well as the diving on our behalf. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


;DHave a super and safe trip. Can’t wait to see the photos and hear the tales.

Are you shark diving again this year?

Have a blast, drink one for me, and say hi to the sea life.

Deputy ;D


Hey Deputy

Were are not sure if we will go shark diving again this year. It depends how much time we have left to do it.

I plan on taking a couple of Dive Courses while I am in Honduras, plus we have scheduled 20 dives and want to check out the island.

We will have Nitrox this year so we won’t be so tired in the evenings after our 3 or 4 dives a day. :wink:

I will get Wosssa to post some photos of our trip so you can check it all out. Wossa is the Picture poster, lol. :wink: ;D ;D ;D

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Have a great time, we leave March 20th !


We enjoyed another fantastic vacation in Roatan, Honduras and once again experienced some awesome diving there.

The water was a little cooler than it was this time last year but we can’t complain as the water is hotter there than diving in the lakes here in Canada, lol.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Hi Freedom Ryder :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you two enjoyed another fantastic trip. Really looking forward to the pictures - you guys get some great shots and I always enjoy taking a peek at them. That was a not-so-subtle hint to HURRY ;D


[quote=@lyndsey]Hi Freedom Ryder :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you two enjoyed another fantastic trip. Really looking forward to the pictures - you guys get some great shots and I always enjoy taking a peek at them. That was a not-so-subtle hint to HURRY ;D[/quote]

Hey Bubbletoes

Wossa is on flight to England right now and as soon as he has some time he will get the photos posted.

We really have some fantastic shots this year. Just when we thought we could not top last years photos we managed to get some really awesome shots this year.

Every dive was a blast and we seen so much underwater life. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Cool! Really excited to see! Did you end-up getting another shark dive in this year? Those shots were fantastico :slight_smile:


We opted out of the Shark Dive this year to go on the Island tour. I am glad we did since they had 16 divers on the shark dive and it was over crowded.

The first week we were there I did the CPR course and the Diver Rescue course so I was really busy.

Wossa managed to get in 28 dives and I got in 21 dives plus all the dives I had to do to pass my courses.

We completed all of our dives by Monday morning the second week and then just toured around West End, West Bay, Coxen Hole, French Harbour and chilled by the pool for the rest of the second week.

We are counting down the days until next March so we can return to Roatan, lol.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


How exciting. I’m so glad you had another great trip to Roatan. I love the friendliness of that little island. I’m headed to Cayo Largo Cuba mid April for a couple of weeks. I don’t scuba but I’m looking forward to the snorkeling I’ve read so much about. Thank you for keeping us updated on your trip. Wossa, you must be experiencing major jet lag about now or do you have a secret on how to avoid the dead tiredness after flying so long?


Hey Wos

I am burnt out as well. I am slowly healing from my gouge on my leg, the bump on my head and my sun burnt lips, lol. :o :o :o

I am sure I will be scarred for life since I did not get stitches in my wounded leg. :’(

I did however receive my diver cards from Padi in the mail today for my CPR Course and my Rescue Diver Course so it was all worth it in the end. ;D

I am looking forward to seeing all of the pictures from Honduras, once you get them downloaded and sent across. So as Bubbletoes say… HURRY! :wink: ;D ;D ;D ;D

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


MAN oh MAN! Those are incredible shots Wossa!!! That last one is really exceptional. Wow. I can’t wait for the rest!! Thanks for the snazzy preview ;D


AMAZING photos Wossa & Freedom Ryder! :slight_smile: :-*



Thanks Wossa, for putting up some of the photos.

My favorite has to be the Octopus. They really do amaze me with all of their changing colours.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


This is like having a Calgon…take me away moment. What a treat. Thank you VERY much for these wonderful pictures. I think scuba diving allows you to see much more than snorkeling.


I think scuba diving allows you to see much more than snorkeling.[/quote]

Scuba Diving does allow you to see much more than snorkeling does. Especially the night dives when you see underwater life that usually does not come out in the daytime.

We did speak to several snorkelers and they said that they seen some really amazing underwater life while snorkeling. The snorkeling in Roatan is fantastic. Some of the divers actually took a couple of days off diving to snorkel and were very impressed with what they saw.

Wossa and I talked a few couples into doing the trial for Scuba Diving and they all loved it. All of them said they would sign up for Scuba Diving Courses once they returned home.

We hope to see them on the Dive boat with us next March. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Awesome Video Wossa. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…