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Roatan in February?


We are thinking of Roatan (Henry Morgan) in February for the reading week rather than Easter (when we went last year). How’s the weather in February?


We were there a few years ago in Feb and in March and found it did rain for just a few minutes. It never lasted very long at all, however we did find it quite windy most of the time.


Three years ago I was in Roatan for Valentines day and the weather was fantastic the whole week I was there.

The last 2 years I have gone in March and the weather was the same in March as in February.

This year I will be heading there again for 2 weeks and it will be in March.

I did not like the fact that the duty free in Roatan and at the airport was not open due to Easter so I will not head to Roatan during Easter week again if I can help it, lol.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Are there many businesses closed during Easter week? You must be able to buy liquor locally? I am considering March 29-April 5. That would have going down the Monday before Easter and home on Easter Monday.


I don’t know about things being closed but things will be BUSY! I was glad that our holiday began with the Easter weekend as the week leading up to Easter is the holiday/break period for the local people and so is much busier. We got a chance to see what the celebration was like but also got to enjoy the rest of the week once things quieted down. On the Easter weekend the beach at West Bay was as busy as a city street with people up and down it all day and night. I think it is more difficult to book accomodation as well.


When we were in Roatan Honduras during Easter weekend all of the duty free stores were closed. The duty free at the airport was also closed.

You can buy liquor at some stores as most of them were open. We were going to buy our liquor at the Duty Free at the airport as we were already over our weight limit with luggage.

We ended up buying the liquor on the airplane (duty free) but the supplies ran out on the airplane as everyone seemed to be buying it.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…