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Roatan snorkelling pix


Just back from Paradise Beach Resort in West Bay, Roatan. Had a perfect week of great weather, and daily snorkelling. I have put some pictures on line with more to follow.



For me, looking at your photos which are wonderful…you have captured a fantastic image of a parrotfish on a cleaning station, being catered too by two cleaner wrasse. The parrotfish has its mouth open showing its super hard beak it uses for crunching on coral whilst the wrasse are busy at work…great capture eeeefarm ;D


That’s what I love about you. I learn so much! Thank you for your insight. I just took the picture because I was concentrating on the parrotfish and its open mouth…didn’t catch the significance of the wrasse at all.


Great pictures eeeefarm.

do you ever know how to use that camera to bring out the colors.

thanks again for sharing diving pictures…