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Roatan snorkelling


Hi guys

Just back from Roatan. I have put some snorkelling pictures on line and will follow up with shots of the resort when I find the time. Went with my snorkel buddy and her husband, and we had a great trip. Perfect weather, and the snorkelling was very good. I’d post this on the Roatan forum if anyone ever went there! At least we have this off topic venue now for Cuba fans…

A few highlights:


What lovely photos, some really nice images. Glad to hear you had a good time and the weather was kind to you…how did you rate the difference from Roatan to Cuba ?

Love the little Hawksbill… ;D


I’d love to hear comparisons too. I checked a Roatan package years ago but it was much higher $$. Just looked again and it’s still pretty steep for my budget. Appreciate more info.


Roatan had a lot more accessible places to check out…we barely scratched the surface…but it was interesting to compare what we saw to what we didn’t see. e.g. my snorkel buddy spotted one lonely Trumpetfish and I saw none at all. In Cuba I usually see them everywhere I go. OTOH, the place was lousy with Parrotfish of every size and description. The coral was mostly in pretty decent shape, particularly corals that were growing off rocks close in shore where few people snorkel.

There were fairly large Blue Tang schools, but I have seen bigger at Jibacoa. We got lucky with lobsters, spotting three of them. Didn’t see any squid. A large variety of fish, but few I hadn’t seen before. And no seahorses, although we looked a few places. In the seagrass and under docks, but no luck. However, there was a kid selling dead, dried ones on the beach, so perhaps that explains their absence in the water. Lots of folks selling conch shells as well. They do take such things away from you at the airport…we saw someone lose one when we went through…but as long as tourists are willing to pay, the locals will keep destroying their livelihood. Education about that is badly needed. (why kill something when people will pay you over and over to see it living??)

Prices. I paid close to double for this trip over what I usually pay for Cuba. But then, I had single supplement on top. We stayed at the Paradise Beach Resort, and I would recommend it. Small, great staff, decent accommodations, not a lot of amenities, but the food was good and the location was excellent. I will be adding pictures of the resort soon. Still trying to get my head clear from post trip disorientation. ;D


Great pics! Thanks for sharing. One of these years we’ll get there. Until I have some finances paid down, my pocket book will be opening up for Cuba only, or a slight chance, DR. Until then, I’ll live through your pics. :sunglasses:

I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before, so pardon the repeated question, what camera are you using to get such clarity? Pointing me to a thread is pefectly fine too… :wink: ;D :sunglasses:


Canon D10. I have two of them, and have used them alternately, but I think my first one may need to be retired from underwater work…or at least have the seals replaced. It got glitchy on me near the end of the week. The screen went out intermittently, although the camera was still taking pictures.

After I gave it a fresh water bath and dried it out, I found a small drop or two of water in the USB port. It was more than I had seen before (it seems most underwater cameras may have a tiny drop or two when opened after use…not sure if it is condensation or leaking?). Anyhow, I heeded the warning and it isn’t going underwater again unless I have it checked out and the seals renewed.

I don’t think that camera owes me too much. It has seen quite a few hours underwater, and worked well up until now. Probably doesn’t help that I do things like this with it:

Thanks to my snorkel buddy for the picture. :smiley:


Fabulous pics, eeeefarm.