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Robes and slippers at Palladium...To Keep?

Hey there…we’re staying at the Grand Palladium Bavaro and are booked with Air Transat Vacations Imperial Club which gives us some extras like bathrobe and slippers in our room; along with some other extras at this resort.

My question is: Are they actually yours and can you take them with you when you leave for home? I would think maybe the slippers as I certainly wouldn’t want to wear slippers that others have had on…even if they were washed!!

Anyone who’s been at this resort before or of late, can you please inform!! More for curiousity than anything else…sometimes we just wear our sandals around the room if just running in and out or whatever…



would the same be true for all resorts??..for example the Bahia in Golden and Ambar give you robes and slippers…

I would love to bring back a robe, with the smell of the Domincian still on it to have at home…would feel like Hefner if I had a good ciagar ::slight_smile:

Generally speaking the robes are to stay and be reused while the slippers are yours to keep. Most places which provide robes as a perk also sell them in the logo shop which can usually be found on the resort. This was the case for the Grand Palladium in Jamaica where we stayed in early December.


Oh ok then…thanks for the info! Are the slippers plain then or do they also have the Palladium logo on them? Nice as a souvinir from the hotel too!

Ours have the logo but they will only wash a few times and then disintegrate, we figure.


Keep the slippers…not the robes.

Slippers were brand new and sealed in plastic. They have the Palladium logo on them and do make a nice keepsake. Our 3 year old has a great time walking around the house in them…lol.