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Room Requests


We have been to several all-inclusives and even though we request an upper floor room, we always are “grounded”. We’d really like an upper floor room, just as it feels a little more private. We enjoy our morning coffee on the balcony, without feeling we’re on display.

I’ve noticed some of you e-mail the resort ahead of time. We’ll be staying in the Royal Suites at the Palladium Palace in January. How soon would one e-mail a request and any idea what the chances are the request would be fulfilled.

Since we’ve had non-stop snow for the month of December, we’ll be happy to be in a warm country with a sandy beach, first floor or not!!!


1 week


Hi timeoff and welcome to Debbies! I always request an upper floor and mention in my e mail that I am a woman traveling alone and would feel safer on an upper floor. I have always recieved that. Only once I was taken to a ground floor and went back to check in and was immediately given a 2nd floor room with no problem. I have found that most places try to honor your request. I normally e mail the hotel about a month before leaving and then another “gentle reminder” e mail about a week before I arrive. I save any e mails that the hotel sends and print them out and take them with me to show the front desk upon check in.

Hope this helps a bit. Have a great vacation.

all the best,


I have always called directly to the resort and talk to someone in reservations. I simply ask for a room with my particular wishes included. I have always (At least 20 times) recived exactly what I have wanted. On many occasions I have asked for a particlar room # and I have ALWAYS recieved what I have asked for.


I always ask for an upper level room, either through my travel agent or by email. I have not encountered any problems in getting one no matter which country or hotel I have been to. When we transferred from Breezes to the RIU Mambo due to over booking they had us booked into a ground floor room. I politely asked if we could please have a second floor room and it was no problem.


I too prefer the upper floors. I feel safer there and going up and down the stairs gives me a chance to work off some of the great food I enjoy while on vacation. I have e-mailed the hotel one month in advance and have always received a reply. One week before I leave I e-mail them again. I have always received the room that I requested.



I have not had the same luck as the other replies here.

We stayed at the Palladium Royal Suites in November. We emailed the resort 1 week ahead with our request for an upper floor suite in building 50, but got a ground floor in building 52. Went back to the desk and Octavio told us he would change it in 48 hours. We did as he asked, and as we entered the lobby he calmly walked out of the lobby. We tried again a few times to talk to him but he kept doing this. Once we caught on to the fact that he was avoiding us, we left it alone.

The ground floor felt safe. Security walks the grounds all night.

If they give you an upper room in building 52, You should insist they change it to another building. The entry door side of building 52 faces the wall that divides the resort off from Cortecito (the patio doors face the pool; in fact all the patios face the pool/ocean). If you are on the 2nd or 3rd floor, you will be above the wall and it can be quite noisy, but as we were below the noise, it was not bothersome, except for the occasional noisy muffler, but nothing woke us up in the night.

We did have hot water problems in building 52, which is consistent with what I had read in reviews. We got the hot water fixed as soon as we asked, but it never did get hotter than a good hot shower on 100% hot but that was good enough for us. Always cold in the morning though.

If I were you I would make the upper floor request in building 50. It is across from building 52 and is also close to both the beach and pool. Building 51 is the one that houses the lobby but is the furthest from the beach and pool and is between 52 and 50, forming 3 sides of a rectangle, with the beach being the other end, if you will.

51 is not that far from the pool/beach maybe 50 more steps to the pool. But you would have less music noise from the pool area in that building, but as close as we were, it was not bothersome. The white noise from the AC washes it away. The music is not played loud at the RS anyway.

Have a great vacation there, we did.


Last time in PC we requested a room change (Riu ). The length of our stay 2 weeks vs. 1 week seemed to make a difference. Hotel staff appeared more willing to accomodate a 2 week guest.


Thanks for all your suggestions! I am going to try e-mailing for a room request - now does anyone have an e-mail address for the Palladium Palace, Royal Suites in Punta Cana??



Hi: Go to Debbies Dominican Travel Page and click on resort contact info, the address should be there.


I tried sending an email to the Grand Flamenco several times using the contact info on this site. It was returned “undelivered” everytime. ???


The email I sent to Bavaro Barcelo Caribe came back as undelivered when using the email address listed under Debbies contact information…I then went directly to the Barcelo website (using Debbies Resort Links) and sent in my room request using the contact info on the website…I received a response the next day. :slight_smile:
Of course the response was “we cannot promise that you will get the room you have requested but we will try our best”…this is the usual response but each time we have gone I simply mention/show the email request and we get the room we asked for. #mittelgr124#

ps"bcgal"…I noticed on the Grand Flamenco website there was a toll free number but no email address…a phone call might do?


Thank you ricksmoxie for directing me to the resort link. I did call the toll free number and they gave me the correct email address. reservationsflb@do.occidentalhotels.com
I sent off an email with our request, hopefully it’s not too late as we leave for PC tomorrow morning. :sunglasses:


Good luck it shouldn’t be a problem though, there are people like me who have requested floor rooms due to my mum having arthritis, I have phoned First Choice, and they said they’ll put the request in the week before we’re due to go, so you shouldn’t be too late :slight_smile:

Have a great holiday


Tour ops are IMHO the worst to ask for room requests, they send their passenger manifest to hotels approximately a week before arrival. It is best to contact the hotel directly with your request and reasons


Thanks Wud… I’ll get onto the hotel as well :slight_smile:


You people need to quit messing around with E-mails! Call the freakin resort direct and talk to somebody in reservations…you WILL get what you request! Whoever you tal to get their name and maybe bring them down a small give of appreciation.


Here’s my Dos Pesos!
If the room is not what you requested go back and take out a little cash $10-20 should do it!!( If the resort isn’t full )


I e-mailed the address from the Fiesta Site and actually got a response from “Octavio” saying that he would do his best with our request. I hope it helps - both my husband and I will be celebrating our 50th birthdays this year and I’d like to surprise my “aging” husband with a nice room. If it doesn’t work - oh well - at least we’ll be away from the snow for a week!

Thanks for all your ideas and tips. I’ll let you know what happens. Only have to wait a couple more weeks!