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Rooms at bahia principle coba


What building numbers are a good choice for t he pool area & bufffet and still close to the beach… ??? I think it looks like 27 & around there are close to everything?? any help would be good…


I have been to BP Akumal three times. Coba is more family oriented and the furthest from the beach, with a bigger safer pool for kids. My favorite is Akumal and you can get a building right on the beach. Hope you enjoy your holiday



It is possible you have already travelled, but maybe the answer will help others.

The villas around the quiet pool seem to be the most valued for return visitor to Coba. Do you have a copy of the map? Here is a link if you don’t, thanks to VSD. http://www.flickr.com/photos/61302884@N05/

I think they are villas 27 - 23.

The rooms in Coba are all junior suites and the distance to the beach from the furthest corner of the Coba can’t be more than 10 minutes, and not at a really brisk walk either.

Coba has the best buffet, in my opinion and a very fun activity pool.

My good friends prefer Coba over the others and we prefer Tulum. Personal choice. I hope you enjoy your trip.



few photos and some info including map from : BAHIA PRINCIPLE COBA


I’ve read that rooms at Coba closest to the highway have complaints about highway noise, even though it is a fair distance.

We stayed in Tulum also and had a guaranteed seaview, beachfront balcony but not Golden Club. Absolutely worth it for us. Coba IMHO is for families and people who prefer pool to beach. The beach at Bahia is not the best but regardless of which section you stay in you can wander anywhere up & down the beach. So stupid the way everyone crowds into one small area. You can use any restaurant or area as long as it’s not the Golden area pools.

We tried every restaurant we had time for and each had it’s plus and minus. Book your a la cartes when you first arrive and if you are a fair tipper (I did $25. at one because the service and food were that awesome and I’m a pretty cheap SOB), the maitre de asked if we wanted to return any night, just show up and he’d get us in. We did take advantage of that offer - wow, makes buffets seem like a bread line. We loved all the a la cartes but Japanese was the bottom of our list but often the favorite of many others. Just goes to show …

Don’t be afraid to go on the collectivo and visit Akumal, PdC or Tulum ruins. No need to buy an expensive tour. DIY and have more fun. BTW, the drinks beat Cuban resorts hands down! Free tequila everywhere. Even the free wine was so much better.