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Rooms at tropical dorada

anyone know what blocks of rooms at tropical playa dorada have been updated or are still in good shape i know this resort is quite old and is under new managment party of 8 ,any thoughts?

Hey Kit,
We are 1 week away for arriving again @ Celusima Tropical Playa Dorada and from what I have read bulidings 11, 12 and 18 are completed and others are being worked on. There is a resort map available thru Debbie’s site: http://community.webshots.com/album/35960617TBSsfC
It is located on the second page.
Buildings 11 and 12 are on the outer edge of the resort, buliding 18 is located on the beach. We have always stayed in building 21 and never had any issues as well it is central to everything, 2 min to eat and 2 min to the beach.
Since we are traveling with a group of 13 (5 from Toronto and 8 from Ottawa) we all have emailed the hotel reservas.ppta@celuismacaribe.com making requests I hope this info helps

Just make sure you are not in a room with carpet. The smell is terrible because of the moisture and mold under the carpet. Our luggage had the smell for over one year. Our friends had a room wihout carpet and it was perfect.

Building 18 is renovated room 1806 was great main level no bugs, we also had room 1745 loved this room it was the penthouse 2 levels. Just ensure you e-mail and request a room without carpet Ramon at the front desk can assist you with this request.