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Rooms in Grand Palladium Punta Cana


Hello again all,

I found out today that our reservations are for a Delux room. I hope the people who replied in my other posts see this thread as well because they seemed to know their way around this particular resort and would know the answer to this. The staff at the hotel asked me if I had any requests as to where the room would be. So I’m asking, is there an ideal place for it to be close to something or far from something? Whats the difference between a standard or a delux room?



Maybe closer to the beach is better? Any suggestions?


deluxe and regular, deluxe is slightly bigger, with jacuzzi in your sitting area,

the punta cana section is nice as it is central and the most compact sections of the palladium, close to beach and pool,

the only thing you may find is the balcony are a little small and irregular shape

as there us no real ocean view in this section ( due to the lovely greenery) i had a pool view 3rd floor last time, was nice sitting in the evening as you got the glow of the pool at night,


Ask for floor 2 or 3. Our ground floor room was not very nice - very musty and dark.


We were there in November and were in building 4000, main floor and close to the beach end of the building. Room was great. Had to turn down the AC, lots of hot water and everything worked!
People we met there were in the same building, main floor but close to the lobby end and they got free WIFI in their room because they were close to the lobby WIFI.

not sure if that would be important to you.


Okay, I’m getting the idea now. I am looking at the map right now, in the Punta Cana section, there is 2000, 3000, 4000 and then there are little houses back starting from 60 to 75. Where will I be? They won’t put me in one of the little houses right? I should be in the 2000 3000 or 4000 buildings right? Each of the buildings has a lobby? Also, having WiFi in the room is def a plus.


Why don’t all of the rooms have WiFi, they should def make it happen.


You probably can have WiFi in your room, if you pay for it! There is “free” WiFi in the Lobby areas.
I am told that Buildings 60, 61, 62, 71, 72 are part of the Bavaro section & are Junior Suites with Lofts.


Should I even have a request for where I would like to be ? or just let them decide?


Building 4000 close to the beach and pools

4030 I think was our room


Oh, I see, so I def will be in the 2k 3k or 4k section. OK, i think i should ask for a second floor close to the lobby and try my luck this way :slight_smile: Or I might not even call and tell them a preference I don’t know. I might choose something worse off on my own than the 1 they want to give me. LOL, me and my problems eh :slight_smile: Just a little excited and I don’t want anything to go wrong.

Thanks for all your help guys !