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Rotary Int'l Club Raffle - 46" HD LED TV - tickets


The Club Rotario Punta Cana - Bavaro is having a raffle to acquire funds for community projects.

The prize is a 46" Samsung High Definition LED TV. The raffle will be held on July 29th.

The funds will be used for projects such as school improvements, purchase of school clothing for students, medications for those in need, ect, ect. ect.

Prior projects included repairing school desks; purchase of appliances for schools and teachers; the acquiring of a fire engine, fire fighting equipment, and construction of the fire station for the community; construction of two classrooms at the Cortecito school; support of adult education classes; and many more.

You have the opportunity to purchase tickets, RD$200, Sat, the 14th and Sun. 15 at San Juan Shopping Center, in the mall area of Pola and Asociacion La Nacional around the noon hours.



PS your contributions are appreciated as there is much need in the community.