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Royal Catalonia review

Hola! I just submitted my review for the Catalonia Royal. It should be up in 24ish hours for anyone with a few extra hours to kill who feels like reading it. It’s long. Really long. I have the carpal tunnel to prove it! I’m long winded, what can I say? I’ll be shocked if anyone makes it all the way through it!!!

P.S. - I hate it that my plane’s flying the wrong direction!!

We know how to take care of that. You are supposed to delete your ticker after you get home. Voila, problem solved … ;D

BFC, you saved the day again! Gracias!

Great review! It’s now posted at:


Thanks for the honest review.

I will now cross this resort of my ‘recommend’ list.

Really? Maybe the review reads harsher than I’d intended it to. I guess if it’s not what you’re looking for, than it’s not, but I’d go back.

Based on your review, I’d go there without even thinking twice about it. ::slight_smile:

Oh it was just the birds part.

I’m really glad you told though. These are important details that should not be left out when someone is contemplating this resort for a destination wedding with 30 guests and elderlies… half of who have never travelled and the other never going to PC. The brids thing is simply unacceptable (to many, many people) and they need to be aware of these things.

The “buffet bird” problem is well documented in a number of reviews, including mine (under the “regular” Catalonia Bavaro reviews section). Gives a new meaning to the term “bird flu”, I guess. I also noted that the girl who was grilling beef and chicken in the buffet would pull raw meat and chicken out of the holding bin with the same tongs she used to flip the meat on the grill. I suspected that this practice (in addition to the birds) was a likely cause of all of the gastro-related illness reported at that resort.

Birds are hard to deal with and yes they are annoying.

Last year we went to the The Cove at Atlantis (Bahamas). In the early evening if the pools had no people in them, they were full of seagulls swimming around. All outdoor eating areas were full of seagulls stealing your food as well, it was madness!

This is a high end resort and they couldn’t keep the birds under control.

We still had a great time, I’d go back in a heartbeat, and wouldn’t keep me away from the Cat. :sunglasses:

For me, great service equals a great resort, service over product every time. IMHO


A few golden eyed vireo and some sparrows are not really a problem, tables were kept clean, it is an outdoor eating area for the buffet but the buffet is inside a glass enclosed area.

sailorgirl23 has a phobia for “birds” a condition that many people have. She did say “I have an intense fear of birds,”

Wud is right. The other 7 people we were with didn’t have trouble with the birds - it was just me. The trouble is that, for me, 5 or 6 birds feel like 50 or 60. Thankfully, there were no gulls in there! It was small black birds and little sparrow-ish birds. This was certainly no fault of the resort.

I found the Palladium buffets great as they are all glass enclosed, so you do not have to share your meal with the local wildlife. Also we have been to resorts with open and semi-open buffets and the fly situation can be an issue. A lot of the food trays were teaming with large flies. I enjoy eating breakfast in the outdoors (as at the Riu Taino) but have learned to like the enclosed buffet environment.

[quote=@hlywud]A few golden eyed vireo and some sparrows are not really a problem, tables were kept clean, it is an outdoor eating area for the buffet but the buffet is inside a glass enclosed area.

sailorgirl23 has a phobia for "birds" a condition that many people have. She did say "I have an intense fear of birds,"[/quote]

Well all I can say is that this ‘problem’ is not normal and NOT something typically read about in reviews for most resorts. So people overlooking this thread should be aware of that.

This did not happen once at Gran Bahia Principe or nor did it happen at Majestic colonial… day or night. I did see a couple of birds in the area the whole week, but that’s it. If I had birds around I would be flipping out in my reviews and never return to the Domincan.

If the resort sprays for bugs as they should, there should be no flies on your food. They did not have flies and the Majestic Colonial. Well they did but it was very rare. You see… this is why I’m endorsing this resort and rating it 9/10. Just the THOUGHT of sharing food with wildlife is simply un acceptable. These are the small things that make or break a resort IMO.

Most resorts only spray for mosquitos so I doubt it would have much effect on common flies. Glass enclosed buffets solve the problem without exception. The Palladium resorts meet this expectation. Not sure why the flies avoid the Majestic ?

Personally, I don’t want to eat in a hermetically sealed air conditioned environment. I can save $3K and stay home to do that. If the price I pay to eat outdoors in the fresh air is a few birds and the odd fly, then so be it …

“Hermetically Sealed” is a little extreme to describe a glass enclosed buffet. It’s like eating inside a giant greenhouse. Beautiful environment. The “odd fly” at the Barcelo resorts turned out to be most of the buffet items swarming with large house flies making the food extremely undesirable. Worst I have seen in the DR.

OK, maybe a little extreme. But I paid to get out of my “hermetically sealed” northern environment and I’d rather not replace it with a southern version. When I read that all the restaurants are enclosed and air conditioned, I generally write that establishment off my list since I would much prefer to eat in the open air. So far, I’ve not stayed in a place where the flies were an issue that would make me change my mind. It might happen yet, but so far, touch wood …