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Royal Decam. Feb19th


From NY. Wife and teenage daughter. Anyone going that week???


No wish I was tho :slight_smile: not until march for us!
Will you post when you return, fill us in on what to expect and/or bring with us?
It will be our first time there also.
Can’t wait



Welcome to the Panama forum. You made a good choice of where to go.

As you may of noticed we will have already gone and returned by the time you go.

NecisitoSol: One or two weeks for you?



:(only one week-- I’ve never done two weeks (outside of Canada) but one week is not quite enough… maybe next time!

I don’t suppose you get to bring twice as much luggage if you go for two weeks…
I just weighed my suitcase empty… 12.5 lbs! Looks like I’ll be packing light!
Are you up to date on carry-on restrictions or do you have a link? Wondering if I can take batteries/flashlight/shampoos and whatever else is heavy in my carry on?


Oh my, one week is definitely not enough at the Royal Decameron. We did that first time.

Unreal how much suitcases weigh empty. We are considering either buying new lightweight ones or use a duffel like bag. The only way you can bring twice the weight is if you book Club Class on Airtransat. We tried, but they were booked up.

Don’t know off the top of my head about the carry-on restrictions, I know a bit. Your best bet would be go to the Air Transat site, under before you go, baggage, etc - I believe there is a link there.

Regarding shampoos, etc - no bigger than 3 ounces. Must all fit into a quart size (medium) baggie, with a zip top, limit of one per person, must take it out of your carry-on bag and put it in the bin when going through security.

I believe anything with batteries must have the batteries in so you can turn the item on if security requests you to.

I will try to post that link…unless anyone out there has it handy and beats me to it.


Here is the link: http://www.catsa-acsta.gc.ca/english/index.shtml