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Royal Decameron CD



The first time we went to the Decameron a couple of years ago we purchased a CD from the entertainment people. It was songs from their nightly show.

Wondering how often they change the CD.



I have been to Decameron 7 times and have 3 resort CD’s. I bought my first one in Oct 2003 and when I went back in Oct of 2004 it had a couple of new songs on it so I bought it. I always check for updated versions and found that when I just went in Nov 2006 there were a couple of changes, so I bought that one. It has only been minor changes- added a song on one then on the latest I think that added a couple of songs and maybe took off one or two (I would have to look at them both).
The club dance is still the RAGGA RAGGA and is on all of the CD’s.



Good to hear that RAGGA RAGGA is still the club dance. I could never tire of that song. Others might…but not me!
Before going back this year I better look over the CD I have - wouldn’t want to buy the same one. lol