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Royal Decameron - just back!


We were at Royal Decameron for 2 weeks and just returned on Dec. 12 to Toronto (flying home to Ottawa and our home (Renfrew) the next day.)
I will try and get a review posted asap (since I got a lot of information from the reviews I read before leaving).
However, until I get the review done, I just want to say my husband and I had a fabulous time. The resort is so clean and so beautiful - the grounds, flowers, bushes are so mature and pretty.
Weather? Wow! Out of this world. My guess would be high 30’s C every day. Hardly a drop of rain - maybe for about 10 minutes 2 days and then 1/2 hr. another day. We actually enjoyed the break from the hot sun! We really liked the a la cartes for supper (not too impressed with the buffet at supper - you never went hungry but there wasn’t a big selection) - the a la cartes were very good, however.
Anyway, great great time. Will write a review as soon as I can. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Fantastic reh!

I will be waiting to read your review.

Sounds like it will be a glowing one too.




Waiting to see your review. We will be leaving on Jan 16 and with the snow we received today I am getting very anxious. How was the reservation process for the AL a carte’s?? Which buildings would you recommend to be close to ocean and pools. Will be awaiting your posting.


I’m so glad you had a great time reh, I too am anxiously waiting for Jan 15 to drive to Toronto and flying out on the 16th. Snow in Ottawa today makes me want to go south even more, I will think 30 degree weather when I am out shovelling today.
Please let us know a bit more about the a la cartes and the lack of selection at the buffets. And which room were you in? Did you take any tours or just sit on the beach and enjoy the great weather?


I’m so glad to hear you had a great time! I look forward to your review!!


The reservations process for the a la cartes wasn’t bad -but I get up quite early anyways when I am on vacation. However, I surely don’t know what time some of these people were getting up at! Some mornings, I was there to get my ticket (like Sears) for reservations BEFORE 6:30 a.m. and I was already #12 or one time I was even #34!! We never had any problem making reservations because if one restaurant was full we would just pick another. Our favourite was the Italian (excellent food and the salads were excellent too). We also really liked the Thai - Mogo Mogo and we also liked the Mediterranean. We did the Japanese one night - I really liked it a lot but my husband didn’t want to go a second time cause he said you would just get the same thing (they bring you every thing on the menu just a little at a time - first the one course, then the next, etc.). So, next time there would be the same - which was fine with me. Very tasty. As far as the buildings, I guess I would have to agree that #16 is the best. We were in #19 - which is behind 16 - we were top floor and still had a view of the ocean from our particular room Our building meant lots of walking of the stairs - lots and lots of stairs - but I was thrilled about it all when I returned and had only gained 5 lbs. We travel every year and I have gained 10 - 12 lbs. some trips!


Hey Reh, sounds like you had a great time. You talked about the Japanese restaurant, was it Japanese show cooking, were they prepare food in front of you and the cook puts on a show?? I asked the travel agent to request building 16 for me, hope it works out. Did you try to get in to an Al la carte without a reservation??
Sometimes a tip works well.