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Royal decameron map


Hi Everyone,
I have been reading that their have been more rooms and 2 new restaurants added. Does anyone have a new map of the property that they could post? We are leaving on Feb. 20 for 2 weeks and we are getting excited.Thankyou :slight_smile:


It doesn’t look like they have updated their maps yet… anywhere.

The map we were handed on the 16th was still pre-Pasifica which opened Dec 2005. Also the photos on the the website do not give the resort justice. The trees have grown. and they were constantly working on the property. The groundskeepers were always busy.



I’m also going from feb 20 till march 06,
we are 6 of us and all looking forward to it.


Joseed - our trips will overlap, we arrive the 25th of Feb and leave the 3rd of March. Myself, husband and 19yr son. More than ready for vacation!


We just got back from the Decameron. Loved it and the country.

I scanned the map they gave us - it is at:

Both it and the large maps at the resort are out of date. There are a number of new buildings that have been added on the western (left) side of the resort at the top. Plus a third lobby, a new buffet restaurant (Pacifico) and two new a la carte restaurants.