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Royal decameron


Royal Decameron was fantastic for us…weather , service, food and the people we met . We will attempt to return some day …


Glad to hear you found it all good.

Regardless of how short or long, please submit a review.



Glad to hear you had a great time! I too would love to see a review. Please submit a review to Debbie’s telling us all about your trip! You can send your review by e-mail to:


And by the way, how did you find the staff’s English? Just curious since there have been a number of reviews in the past few months suggesting you can’t find a single employee that knows a word of English. :wink:


Just a quick note on the staffs English- Many, many employees spoke some English. I had no problem with finding someone that spoke English when I called the front desk for anything. I don’t think the maids spoke much English but I only talked to them a couple of times and I used my Spanish- so no problem for me.
As far as the activities staff- there are at least 2 or 3 that speak decent English and the others know a little. Just be patient and remember you are in a foriegn country and enjoy the atmosphere.



We plan to go to Panama for 2 weeks. First time in central america, in this kind of resort do we have to tip the employees?( bar, room , beach etc… If it is the case more money will be necessary. Thanks


You don’t have to tip the employees. I have been to Decameron repeatedly and the last two trips are the first ones that we tipped some of employees. My husband ususally tipped some of the bartenders that he got familiar with and I made sure the made got something. The service has always been great for us whether we tipped or not.



Thank you for your comments.

Concerning the excursions have you use this service?

Is it easy? which are the best or the worst, pricing.
Generally the excursion are for a day?


I have never used the service for excursions. I have friends in Panama City and before we found Decameron we did a lot of sightseeing and traveling around Panama whenever we visited them so now I usually spend most of my time resting on the beach.



Tipping is not required and service does not suffer without tips. We left tips for the maids out of choice.
The Tours are well organized. Make sure you go and check the books out and register early as they sell out and are only offered once or twice per week.


Going to Panama, Glad to hear you had a good time, I am anxiously waiting for Jan 16 now.
Which review was yours? One recent one is good and the other so…so…
I am going to email the resort with a room request, we were told that we had ocean view when we booked so I am wondering which room location you would recommend? Buildings 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14? or 30 or 31. The last two look like they are far away from most everything except the beach.
We are looking for a quiet location and I will be requesting the second or third level, I always feel safer up at least one level.
Thanks for any recommendations.


Hi moemoe1,

We were thrilled with our room in Building 14 which was on the third floor, room 1425, I think. It was an end room and had a king bed AND a day bed!! It had a tree in front of it and so we felt we were in a treehouse when we sat out on the balcony. Also, Old Corotu (the ancient tree) was in sight to our left. The one restaurant/bar was in front of us but to the right a bit. Only one night were we disturbed by the noise emanating from it. This room was ideal for easy access to the pool and ocean, plus had a great view.

Enjoy your trip!!!

Northgal :sunglasses:


Thanks Northgal, interestingly enough I was looking at the map and thought building #14 looked like a great location, near the pool and the beach and a bit away from the main lobby and night life.
I emailed the resort this morning and we will see what happens. Either way I’m not too concerned, I’m just looking forward to being there.
I see another good review has posted which makes me even more anxious.


On my trip in November, my husband and I stayed in building 14. It is close to pool and beach but on nights they have karioke at Cafe Med (Friday & Saturday night) it can be a little loud. It didn’t bother me because I usually went to karioke. And I think it would also depend on what section of the buiding you are in, if it effects you much. My husband was able to sleep through it.



again I found nothing wrong with our stay at the decameron…in fact it was awesome for us…we needed that trip real bad… moemoe1…my review was the 1 by glenn…all positive… We stayed in building # 30 on the 3rd floor and found it to be in a great location for us…we just went with the flow and knew we were in another country and accepted their way of living …I did tip when ever I could…I even tip the ground keepers because who ever tips those guys that keep the grounds in beautiful shape…you should have seen their faces…all smiles … 1 evening in the club Med sitting area…even though it was very busy … I was sitting away from the bar yet the bartender left the bar and brought me over a glass of beer without my request …that impressed the people I was conversing with at the time… Please say hello to Carlos at the nega nega bar …he even came out at the end of his shift on the last Sunday for the Canadians that were returning the next day and shook all the hands and said good bye,that certainly left a good feeling inside me… he said to me at the time he would give my send off next week we we were returning…which he did … again I could go on and on how great we were treated at the Royal decameron…


We did take pics …but I can’t figuire out how to post them for you folks to view …


Hey Vyro! Yes, we were disturbed by the noise from the Cafe Med bar, but only once! Too bad to hear that they are noisey two nights now!!

moemoe1-- I think Building 14 is the one to request but whichever oceanfront building you get, I am sure it will end up being good. Have a wonderful trip in January. We head to Cuba on December 23–can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Northgal :slight_smile:


There are many online locations that allow you to post pics for free. Yahoo has it…MSN…Webshots…
after you download to their site you end up with a link to the location the pics are stored. Copy that to Debbies.


I emailed the Decameron on Saturday morning with my room request and received a reply in the afternoon, I think I’m going to like this place!
They weren’t really definite but said they would try to help me with my request but that I should also ask at the desk when I am checking in. Again, not a problem as I’m sure we will get a nice room no matter what but it was nice that they acklowledged my email.