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Royal Hideaway Los Ensenachos - Cayo Ensenachos

Booked today, thanks for the help from members of this forum, all the good information and the great web site made me decide to try this new place. Of course Ms. Iggy1 had a lot to say about it too ;D
Now we sit and wait till February. I think we made a good pick.
The only thing I worry about is I’ll get board, but I’m not too shy to spend a few bucks to get away and visit some local towns. Last year we hired a driver and went from Cayo Coco to Trinidad for two days and had a great time. If anyone knows of a driver in Santa Clara that they will discreetly pass on the name it would be appreciated.

This is what blew me away, great info

You picked a great resort. I’m heading back again in April for visit # 3. My hubby went with me last April and I was worried about him getting bored. His was more than content to sit under the palapa sipping cerveza, snorkeling and fishing. Not sure he could do it for 2 weeks but he was really happy with the time we did spend there and is willing to go again.

There is lots to see in the towns that border the Cayo and I’m sure you can hire a driver for the day. Someone surely will post info for you about it.

The resort is a lovely spot, nice and quiet, one can really recharge there! Hope you have a great vacation!

going to bring a fishing setup this year and leave it when I leave. I know they love that kind of thing and it’s hard for them to get. I’ll look around the town and see if there are any fishermen kids. Also looking into another NJT bag.

Sunlover: I also was there last April, and the April before, and am planning to go back this April.
When are you going and when have you been before?
Iggy–you will not be disappointed–relaxing on the beach drinking Cerveza ahhhhhhhhhh.

Now all I have to worry about is the weather

No you don’t, here’s why: you can’t control it, therefore why worry about it?! :wink:

This is a great spot and there are lots of tours to take. You can be sure the weather there will be much better than here!

No you don’t, here’s why: you can’t control it, therefore why worry about it?! ;)[/quote]

:slight_smile: That’s exactly what I was thinking. Why worry about something you have no control of?

But what weather are you worried about? The weather you are leaving or the weather you are going to? :-*

The weather I’m going to
the rest of you can freeze ;D
but just yesterday I heard of a couple that went to Cuba a couple of years ago and had to wear their winter jackets all week and the rooms were so cold they had to get extra blankets.
They are not set up for cold weather and sometime it CAN get cold. Just like Florida
These people now go to Mexico every year because of that.