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Royal Suites at Grand Palladium

I have booked a Honeymoon Suite at the Royal suites which i thought was in the new section but i have found out that it is in the old section.
The swim up suites are in the new section and look fab, has anyone been in the old section and also stayed in the new part and what differences are there??

With the old section you are right on the beach and all most all rooms have at least a partial ocean view…I love this section

We just got back from the Honeymoon suites in the swim ups. The only down side is that they are further from the beach. I do love the quietness of the swim up pools and the swim up room is great. I understand where Hula is coming from, butthe swim ups are nice for a Honeymoon. You will be there when it is not too busy. I would e-mail the resort before you get there and ask to upgrade directly when you get there. It is only a few dollars more per night and you should be able to get it. Just ask Carolina to forward your request to Octavio or Ronny and they should be able to work it our for you.
You are going to love this place for your wedding. Unbelievable what they did for us on our wedding night. WOW, very romantic.

Swim ups it is then as i think the rooms look far nicer and the thought of a bit of privacy in the pool is bliss, I dont mind being far from the beach as its only a walk away or jump on the train if we are feeling lazy. I am so excited.

We loved the place 2 years ago when we stayed at the Palace and said if we were to go back we would upgrade to the Royal suites which we have done but I want a swim up now…Hopefully you have taken pictures of your room also and I would love to see them.

Here are a few shots.

Thank you…Fab pics.