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Royal Suites Turquesa Construction Pics

Posting some photo’s of the new Royal Suites Turquesa that were stated to open in mid December 2008. The new opening date they say is May 1st. I know some sites were booking the new royal suites way before May 1st. So if you have booked there you might want to call your TA. These photo’s were taken 2 weeks ago.


I was there on October 30th and looked around the construction area is cordoned off and will not affect anyone vacation whatsoever.

Hlywud, you are correct the construction is closed off. I really dont think it would get in the way of anyone’s vacation. you could hear the construction noise from the Royal Lobby and building 51 but you cant see it. I posted the pics for people that are booked for the new swim-up suites way before the new May 1st opening date as the original date was in December. So they might want to contact their TA to see where they might get shuttled too.