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Royal Suites Turquesa Contact Info

Does anyone have up to date contact info (email) for the Royal Suites Turquesa? Would like to try to make a few room requests before we leave on the 28th.

Also, if this is possible, what info will they need from me? Intinerary #? Name? etc.

Do you feel it really makes a difference by contacting them first?

And, I have also read that you should try to go and inspect the room prior to signing anything? Is this a common practice?



Name, Confirmation number and Tour Operator.

All rooms are the same except for the honeymoon suites.

Thanks Hlywud much appreciated!

I am going to send one off requesting a single king and preferably 2nd or 3rd floor.

We are due to arrive well before the posted check in time, are they flexible in having your room ready? Say by noon or 1? In your experience…

We arrived, 3 couples at noon and 2 of 3 rooms were ready, the 3rd was ready by 1 pm.
They changed in our room from their carry on and headed for lunch and the pool.

Hello glake,

My hubby and I will be at the Turquesa from Feb 22 to Mar 1st. Like you we will be there well before check in time. Same thing as last year. Our room was not ready at check in but by the time we came back from eating at the Royal Gourmet restaurant it was ready. If you have to wait for room any length of time even after you have eaten then the pool bar is a very short distance away with nice shaded tables and bar stools… Also, there is a bar in the lobby. I doubt if you will have to wait long if at all. Long waits are more apt to happen in the larger sections. We will be easy to spot becsue we will be the ones with the sad faces as our last day draws near to an end lol

I always e-mail ahead with a room request. I still don’t know if it helps but it sure can’t hurt!

Thanks Maplesugar, we should be easy to spot - the newbies with no tans LOL

Also, we will have huge smiles and probably big eyes as this is our first trip!!

What types of things if any, can be requested? Or could be requested?

We’ll watch for the big smiles and big round eyes! Wonderful first choice of resorts.

Your above room request should cover everything. I always request the king bed and 3rd level. All rooms at the Royal Turquesa are close to beach and as Hlywud said the rooms are equal with exception of the honeymoon suites. You can’t go wrong with room location. See you soon!